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SoYoung: Hip and modern backpacks for tots!

SoYoung: Hip and modern backpacks for tots!
You want your son to look cool, your son wants a dinosaur backpack - well the compromise is found here!  SoYoung products are modern, minimalistic, dang cute, and guess what?!  They're coming to Baby Cubby!  Coming soon we will be carrying these darling linen toddler backpacks and toddler lunchboxes, take a look:
 SoYoung Toddler Backpack - Grey Robot
 SoYoung Toddler Backpack - Blue Dinosaur
SoYoung Toddler Lunch Box - Blue Dinosaur
SoYoung Toddler Backpack - Pink Fawn
Now that you've seen how cute they are, let's talk about why these backpacks are so fantastic!  (Other than the fact that they're just plain ADORABLE.)  Let me give you some highlights:
  • THEY ARE MACHINE WASHABLE.  Kids are messy (that's a no brainer), so anything that is machine washable is automatically 20x's more appealing - especially a backpack.  I seriously remember being in elementary school and going through several backpacks just because I kept leaving food inside and forgetting about it. (That smell?  Oh yeah, it's a 3 month old apple - no biggie!) **Use a gentle setting when washing.
  • Matching lunchboxes attach right onto the backpack - no more forgetting lunches!
  • 2 stretchy mesh side bottle pockets
  • Lined nylon interior with zippered mesh pocket
  • Reinforced bottom to protect material
  • PVC, Phthalate, Lead, and BPA Free meaning your children is free from nasty chemicals often used in
So keep your eye out for these fashionable, functional bags coming soon!
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