Splish-Splash: Bathtime with Baby Cubby

Splish-Splash: Bathtime with Baby Cubby

Oh bathtime! It's the time of day that often is dreaded, yet babies love it! Baby Cubby is excited to show you safe, fun, and engaging toys and products that your bathtime won't be complete without!

If that sweet baby washing her own hair doesn't make you fall in love, I don't know what else will! I remember very clearly being so excited when my first baby was old enough to sit up in the bath. Talk about magical! He loved every second of it, and it quickly became routine for us every night to bathe up before bedtime.

Baby Cubby has done a great job at making all the latest bath time accommodations available to make your night go as smooth as possible, and man are they worth it! PUJ is one that you for sure don't want to miss. It's a foam pad that conforms to any sink to lay your newborn down while washing him/her up. Genius, I tell ya.

Let's talk about toys for a minute. Something I think the bathtub can never be too full of! These tube building bath toys will sure be a hit, and keep your little one busy and entertained all day! The suction-bottom jelly bath toys make stacking and sticking to the side of the tub entertaining for all ages.

With the perfect bath toys and snuggly hooded towels by Little UnicornBaby Cubby has your bathtime covered, so all you need to worry about is not splashing too much water on the floor.


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