Spring Into Saltwater Sandals

Spring Into Saltwater Sandals

The snow is starting to melt and moms and kiddos are gradually starting to show a little more skin, like ankles and forearms. We can finally trade in sweaters for t-shirts and boots for sandals. What are we all looking for in a warm-weather shoe and is there really a catchall sandal that can do it all? Even our queasy podophobic readers won’t want to miss out on this one because I’m pretty sure I found our guy!

We want a shoe that is cute and versatile:

First and foremost, these shoes are CUTE! As a society so keen on first impressions and visual appeal, it is of the utmost importance to mention that love-at-first-sight is pretty much a guarantee with Saltwater Sandals. They are a sleek and timeless design, come in an assortment of colors and are perfect for the entire family. Saltwaters in bold, bright colors will carry an outfit all on their own and the neutral, subdued colors will make a goes-with-everything wardrobe staple. I will be the first to admit that some “Mom & Me” trends are fairly questionable, but Saltwaters don’t discriminate against age or gender and will genuinely look adorable no matter who is wearing them. Except maybe grown men. Sorry, Dad.

We want a shoe that is high-quality and durable:

Saltwater Sandals – Originals – Tan

 Saltwater Sandals for baby, toddlers, and kids are made of durable leather straps, rust-proof hardware, and are finished with a waterproof sealant. These bad boys will withstand all the running, puddle-jumping, and foot-stamping temper tantrums you and your little ones can handle. In fact, most mamas get unbelievable bang for their buck by passing Saltwaters down to three or four different children! The high-quality construction not only yields great future payoff, but also fantastic customer-satisfaction in the here-and-now. You will be able to get them on quickly, essentially avoiding meltdowns from both parties, and no worrying about them coming off unexpectedly during play.

We want a shoe that is easy to clean:

Whether your little one’s summer staple shoes are covered in finger paints, yogurt, mud, melted popsicle, or questionable souvenirs from yesterday’s play date, you can go to just about any length to get these puppies clean. From the most impromptu baby-wipe scrub down to a last minute cycle in the washing machine, there really isn’t a method you can’t use to clean your Saltwaters. Even a little spit would work in a pinch.

We want a shoe that is comfortable:

Forget brick, sticks, or straw, your little piggies will be thrilled about shackin’ up in Saltwater Sandals. They are SO COMFORTABLE! Your feet will be virtually sweat-free, no matter the heat/humidity where you live or vacation, and can accompany you and your kids on just about any adventure without hurting your feet. Sweaty sandals are one of the biggest culprits of imposing painful blisters and achy feet, but Saltwater’s can be worn all day long, day after day, without rubbing you the wrong way. They actually mold to your feet with every wear! Talk about personalized footwear!

We want a shoe that is good in the water:

Kids are unpredictable and, as a parent, so are our days. No matter how many times water unexpectedly interrupts your plans, Saltwater Sandals are totally up for it. Sprinting through the splash pad before he’s fully undressed, capitalizing on the neighbors sprinklers in her church clothes, or a spur-of-the-moment trip to the lake are all no-biggie for sandals that are made for getting wet. In fact, a quick dip in the water helps stretched-out sandals shrink back down to their original size. Science, people! Or magic. Either way, you need these.

Written by Witney Loftin

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