St. Patrick's Day: The Perfect Excuse For A New Outfit

St. Patrick's Day: The Perfect Excuse For A New Outfit

I don't always shop only because there is a holiday or event coming up, but that is certainly the perfect excuse to shop! St. Patty's day might not be one of the most exciting holidays, but you can really have some fun with a day full of green and chasing rainbows. Just in case green isn't something you have stocked in the closet, we have rounded up a few things that will make a little leprechaun happy!

Little Ladies

Depending on where you live, you might be seeing a tiny bit of sun right about now! With the spring comes rompers and knee-high socks. I am a sucker for my baby girls in rompers! These seafoam knee-highs really are the frosting on such a perfect romper cake. Isn't that romper print amazing?! Check it out here in dress or culotte form too! Annnnd, because you're never fully dressed without a bow, this little knot bow is the perfect finishing touch.
Smocked Ruffle Romper - Flora and Fauna Ditsy - Baby Cubby
Smocked Ruffle Romper

Little Lads

Does your little dude love hats?! I don't have a little guy of my own but one of my friends has two of them. Her oldest son will not leave the house without a hat on; it is so cute! Complete their Patty's Day outfit with a green cap on top! Get them this green 5-panel hat or this camo one and the little no-green pinchers will be kept at bay!

Summit 5-Panel Snapback Hat - Baby Cubby

Summit 5-Panel Snapback Hat

Little Babies

What baby doesn't need more pajamas, right?! Especially if they are cute enough that you can top them with a bow or beanie and head out for morning school drop off and errands! I love this simple green footie for your tiny guys and I am OBSESSED with this sunflower piece for girls. Are you kidding me?! Why do I think it is so cute?? I just discovered this particular print last night and will be scooting my booty into the store as soon as it opens to claim one for my little June!
Ruffle Footie with Zipper - Aloe Sunflower - Baby Cubby
Ruffle Footie with Zipper - Aloe Sunflower

Little Activities

A few simple activities to round out the holiday fun will make you super holiday mom! We have this rainbow streamer at our house and it seriously provides fun for all of us (my husband included!). Drawing and coloring time is a daily event at our house too. For some reason, if I bust out markers or colored pens, it gets ten times cooler than just using crayons. Find yourself some free St. Patrick's Day coloring pages online and bust out these sparkly gel crayons and get to work!
Sparkle Watercolor Crayons - Baby Cubby
Sparkle Watercolor Crayons

Before I had kids, a "smaller" holiday like this one would arrive and pass by without much attention from me. But, it is just so fun to make a day of celebration and special memories with kids! We will be busting out all the end-of-the-rainbow stops and getting our shamrock on all day for our little ladies!  May the luck o' the Irish be with you!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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