Stroller in Need of an Upgrade? The Baby Cubby can Help!

Stroller in Need of an Upgrade? The Baby Cubby can Help!

As mamas, we're all about trying to make it work with what we have, but there are other times when it becomes clear that an upgrade is definitely in order. This couldn't be more true when it comes to our littles' strollers.

Once our second babe was born, I found out real quick that our current single stroller situation was not going to cut it anymore, and we needed something that was going to work with our active, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting, sometimes running toddler, and our teeny baby who is now in her car seat, but will soon want to sit up and then stand and run and be just like big brother... And, in case you were wondering, if you could just type that into google and get several results for strollers in your price range and style you prefer, you're gonna be disappointed.... Trust me, I already tried.

Well the good news to all of this is when you realize that you need an upgrade to your current stroller situation, The Baby Cubby is here to help! And this week, we are helping out mamas even more by giving you 15%* off the purchase of a new stroller when you bring in your old one to trade in!

So if you're looking to buy a new stroller, or an upgrade is in your future, take a look at why the Baby Jogger City Select and Select LUX are going to give you all the options and upgrades you and your littles need!

New Baby?

If you've got a little one on the way and you're looking to get a stroller so that you can start walking around as soon as they're born (or ya know, as soon as you're able to walk again without crying), then you're going to want something that allows for a car seat attachment. Generally speaking, most stroller seats are designed for littles who are able to sit unassisted (or around 6 months) so until that point they'll either need to stay in their infant seat or a bassinet.

The Baby Jogger City Select is compatible with 8 brands of car seats, and many different seats within the brands. That means you've got a great chance that the car seat you're getting for your new babe will clip into the Select with the correct adapters!

Getting a stroller that will allow for you to use it as soon as your little is born and that will grow with them is a huge deal! That means that you won't be looking to get a whole new stroller by the time they're walking around or running beside you for half the time.

Transitioning to a Big Kid?

Once your little guy is turning into a big boy, chances are they're going to be walking and running next to the stroller as often as they're sitting in it. That means that you're going to want a stroller that has the option to sit/stand/face whichever way your little is feeling at the moment. Impossible? Not with the City Select and City Select LUX!

Baby Jogger hooked mamas up with a modular stroller that has configurations that work for anyone, and that means that you're going to be able to do more running around town with less stress.

When your babes are transitioning from their car seat to the stroller seat, they might prefer to be facing mama and daddy while you cruise around, so you just snap the seat in that way. Once they've decided they've seen enough of you *sob* and they're ready to catch a glimpse of the world around them, flip it forward facing and it's like a whole new world for our littles.

If you have a little guy who likes to ride along but hates being strapped in, the Baby Jogger Glider Board is perfect! It connects to the back, and lets them stand and ride while mama pushes. They are able to hop on and off at their hearts content.... Maybe a little too often, but that's a battle I'd rather not pick.

Need Room for More?

This is the big kicker-- How do I pick a stroller that will work for a growing family? Or one that will accommodate more than 2 kids without all the added bulk or weight? You start out by buying the City Select or the LUX. Then you buy the add-ons that fit your family's needs. They have so many different attachments and variations for how to use these strollers, that you'll be able to mix and match and find the perfect stroller situation for whatever stage your fam is in!

If you're like one of my besties with 3 under 3, then you can make it work with the newest babe set up in the car seat, use the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Second Seat Kit and set the middle child forward facing up front, and get one of the Bench Seat attachments for the back for the oldest babe whenever she's not running around next to mama and you've got a system perfect for their sweet little fam!

Or maybe you've got a situation that's working fine for the littles, but you need more room for mama's stuff while you're out? Well then, without a doubt, you're going to need to get the City Select LUX Cup Holder and Universal Parent Console to hold everything from mama's "juice" to her keys, chapstick, and phone. Oh, and if your little is notorious for throwing her sippy cup out of the stroller because she's sick of holding it, go ahead and get her her own little tray to save yourself the frustration, mama.

Travel Plans?

You have absolutely no time to be messing around with complicated folds or heavier than anything strollers when you're in the airport hustle, on the amusement park shuttle, or trying to fit into an Uber. No, mama. Thankfully, the City Select and LUX both feature Baby Jogger quick-fold technology. They fold with one step and get nice and flat to make sure that you're not dealing with extra bulk or weirdness trying to get it where it needs to go.

If you're going to be out in the sun and making the rounds to all the tourist spots, you'll love that the canopy on both the Select and the LUX can be extended to cover more of your babe and has a 50 SPF coverage to keep your littles as protected as possible. It also has a hand brake, and lockable front wheels to make it better for handling on whatever kind of terrain you're dealing with during your vacay!

Upgrading your stroller is a big decision, as is any purchase where you're trying to plan ahead and get the most out of your money. At The Baby Cubby, we want you to feel 100% confident with your choice so try out our stroller track to see how they handle, fold, and feel before you buy! Come in and trade in your old stroller to get 15%* off a new one this week!

*Some exclusions may apply

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