Swaddle Comparison: Ergobaby Original Swaddle vs Ollie Swaddle

Swaddle Comparison: Ergobaby Original Swaddle vs Ollie Swaddle

As a first-time mom, I never expected the art of swaddling to be my saving grace. In fact, I never thought about the need to swaddle a baby. Turns out, swaddling is a pretty big deal to those tiny little humans. Choosing the right swaddle for you and your baby will ease your mind and, perhaps, let you squeeze in a little more shut eye. The Ergobaby Original Swaddle and the Ollie Swaddle are two excellent choices, but let me break down the basics for you.

Ergobaby Original Swaddle: This swaddle has been designed to easily and safely swaddle your baby, with comfort in mind. Made from 100% knit cotton terry, it is soft and cozy (and can easily be washed)! The Ergobaby
 keeps your baby's hips in the proper position, while still leaving enough room in the removable leg pouch. It securely fastens the arms making the Ergobaby practically escape proof! The best part about this swaddle? Thanks to the removable leg pouch, you don't have to unswaddle your sleeping baby for a diaper change! Can I get a Hallelujah? The Ergobaby Original Swaddle is an excellent choice that many parents love! Here are a few thoughts to consider before buying:
    • One possible downside to the amazing removable leg pouch, is the possibility of baby kicking himself awake because his legs aren't secured.
    • The Ergobaby Original Swaddle is made from 100% cotton, which isn't the best material for cooler temperatures, so keep that in mind if you live somewhere a little chilly!
Ollie World Swaddle: This swaddle encourages your baby to be calm and improves overall sleep quality. Featuring velcro straps, the Ollie makes swaddling easy! Additionally, the mix of polyester and spandex is great for moisture wicking, cooler temperatures and also keeping a nice snug fit! The Ollie World Swaddle also features a tie at the bottom which decreases the likelihood of hip dysplasia in infants. This makes diaper changes a breeze, while still allowing your baby a little wiggle room!
While the Ollie is also an exceptional swaddle blanket, some facts to think about are:
  • It does not have a removable leg pouch, but instead features a tie at the bottom. This allows for easy diaper changes, but does not secure the legs to keep baby from kicking.
  • It is significantly different in price, but also includes a laundry bag to properly launder it.

To the Baby Cubby, you and your child's health, safety and happiness is a main priority! We've created a video how-to demonstrating how to properly swaddle your little one. The video even features the Ollie World Swaddle! Happy swaddling mamas!

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