Swaddle Comparison: KicKee Pants vs. Little Unicorn

Swaddle Comparison: KicKee Pants vs. Little Unicorn

When babies are born, they come into a completely different world than the one they are used to. Newborns are accustomed to warmth, darkness, and being tightly packed in close to mommy. Unfortunately, we must all face the cold cruel world someday, but luckily parents can soften the transition with a trusty swaddle.

What is a swaddle, you might ask? For those who aren't sure, a swaddle is a simple way of wrapping up your baby to provide comfort and security. A swaddle can come in the form of any type of garment or cloth, like Baby Jesus' swaddling clothes and all that. But usually it's a very soft and thin blanket to bundle your baby and make him or her feel contained and safe. For some, swaddles can even help your baby learn to self-soothe and may even help promote better sleep at night.

The big question remains, though--what type of swaddle should you choose? We've set out to answer that question (or at least offer some choices) when it comes to swaddle blankets. Today we're going to be taking a closer look at Kickee Bamboo swaddles and Little Unicorn swaddles. Let's learn!

KicKee Pants Swaddles

If you like the idea of swaddling your baby, but aren't too into following trends, these are the swaddles for you. They look a lot like receiving blankets, but have real edges for optimal tucking and security. Now your baby can enjoy their nighttime rests with a soft and soothing blanket wrapped around them.

Here are some product specifics:

  • Size: 40" x 29"

  • Fabric: 95% viscose from Bamboo, 5% spandex for stretch

  • Styles: Apple Blossom, Boy Musical Stripe, Calypso Ballerina, Calypso Hedgehog, Calypso Hippo, Calypso Record Bird, Cedar Brown Bear, Doe and Fawn, Jade Alien, Jade Lattice, Jazz Singing Birds, Melody Giraffe, Melody Peacock, Melody Singing Birds, Natural, Natural Angler Fish, Natural Orbit, Natural Pine Birds, Natural Radio Owl, Natural Tide, Peacock Hedgehog, Peacock Multi-Animal, Peacock Sharing Pups, Pine Moose, Pond Sunshine Lion, Sweet Pea Lattice, Thistle, and Twilight.

  • Colors: over 20 color options
As you can see, the big winner for KicKee Pants swaddles is the huge selection. And of course their softness.

Little Unicorn Swaddles

This company was started by a dad inspired to make the best in baby products. Much like the popular aden+anais swaddle blankets, Little Unicorn has the same idea of incredible softness combined with endless usability. The difference? Little Unicorn swaddle prints are done by an in-house artist, so each one is fresh and unique.

Here are the product specifics:

  • Size: 47" x 47"

  • Fabric: rayon muslin from bamboo fiber

  • Styles:
    • Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin 3 Pack: Anchors Aweigh, Berry Lemonade, Bison, Black & White, Cabana Stripe, Dino Friends, Forest Friends, Garden Rose, Indie Elephant, Morning Glory, Summer Poppy, and Traffic Jam.

    • Little Unicorn Bamboo Muslin 2 Pack: Hedgehog, Houndstooth Grey, Periwinkle Polka Dot, Pink Ladies, Pink Peony, Yellow Burst.

    • Little Unicorn Single Cotton Muslin Swaddles: Arrow, Berry Bloom, Bison, Blue Topaz, Blueberry, Cabana Stripe, Cave Art, Coral, Dino Friends, Forest Friends, Indie Elephant, Indigo Wash, Ink Stripe, Jack Plaid, Lava Lava, Lemon, Lilac Plaid, Little Wings, Morning Glory, Nautical Harbor, Navy Stripe, Planetary, Santa Fe, Sprinkles, Summer Poppy, Traffic Jam, and Watercolor Rose.

    • Little Unicorn Single Bamboo Muslin Swaddles: Blue Wildflower, Blush, Charcoal, Hedgehog, Houndstooth Grey, Periwinkle Polka Dot, Pineapple, Pink Ladies, Plain, Pomegranate, Sage, Surf Spray, Warm Grey, and Yellow Burst.

  • Color: 18 single swaddle colors with 2 and 3-pack variations

So although the color selection is only slightly smaller than the KicKee Pants swaddles, these swaddles do offer more material to work with. In addition, Little Unicorn swaddles are very thin for optimal summer swaddling and plenty other breathable possibilities: stroller or carseat shade, nursing cover, travel bib, toddler cape, etc.

For my part, I liked smaller swaddles for my brand-new baby, and then moved up to the longer luxurious ones as he grew, since they could double as multi-purpose blankets. At The Baby Cubby we carry both options, and our fantastic Cubby Moms are always available to help you make the best choice!

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