Swaddle Up and Sweet Dreams

Swaddle Up and Sweet Dreams

If you've had a newborn, you've likely faced the challenges of getting them to sleep.

I personally feel as though I've tried nearly every swaddle on the market. My Houdini-baby would often escape any kind of swaddle, causing her to wake up. She'd spend the night fighting to get her arms up to her face, and in turn, keep us up with her tiny grunts and whimpers.

After reading rave reviews, I finally invested in the original Swaddle Up from Love To Dream. The Swaddle Up has a unique design that swaddles your baby with their arms up rather than down at their sides or across their chest. The benefit of your baby having their arms up is that it's their natural sleeping position and they can easily access their hands for self-soothing - a practice that many babies use to settle themselves into sleep.

The fact that it has a zipper is pure genius. Forget noisy velcro that can disrupt baby's precious sleep! In fact, the swaddle features a two-way zipper, allowing you to unzip in from the bottom for easy diaper changes. The zipper also makes it incredibly easy to use. There's no complicated wrapping technique here, which makes it easy to slip onto a baby who is already snoozing.

It is also designed to fit super snug to help your baby feel secure and to calm their natural startle reflux, which is often responsible for waking baby. A snug fit also eliminates the worry of loose blankets surrounding your baby while they sleep--something that always made me anxious with a newborn.


The Swaddle Up is also considered "hip healthy", meaning your baby's hips will have plenty of wiggle room, decreasing the worry of them developing hip dysplasia, which can happen if a baby is swaddle too tightly.

After a couple nights of using the Swaddle Up, the difference was truly magical! If you have a little one who fights the swaddle and sleep, I highly suggest giving the Swaddle Up a try! It may just be the thing that changes your baby's sleep forever. You can thank me later.

You can shop the Swaddle Up in store or online at BabyCubby.com.

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