Take a Peek into our Cubby Holidays!

Take a Peek into our Cubby Holidays!

Us Cubby Moms absolutely love the holidays (Natasha and Michelle in particular) and so we thought it would be extra fun to share some of our family traditions with you! It's sometimes hard to decide what you would like to do with your family for tradition's that they will remember for years to come. So, come take a look at ours and maybe you will get a spark of inspiration!

Every year on December 5th we celebrate Sinterklass Eve. My mom is from the Netherlands she moved here when she was 14 and when she had a family of her own she wanted to keep some of her home traditions alive. We all get together and have a celebration with dutch soups and desserts. We are given our wooden shoe that is filled with Stroopwafels, Chocolate letters, and smoked gouda. It is one of my favorite days every year. - Natasha     

One of my favorite Christmas traditions, one that has continued despite a change of states, is that of attending a live nativity.  Each December we go with family to a local portrayal of the first Christmas.  It is such a neat experience to go back in time and imagine you’re there on that chilly, dark night.  We pass the guards on horses, meet some shepherds, and listen to the tale of the three wise men.  My very favorite moment, though, is walking into the warm stable; as soon as you enter, the world goes quiet and you can feel the special feeling of love and peace that only the Savior of the world can bring. - Kambria     

Kambria is one of our newest Cubby Moms! Her and her husband Todd are the lovliest couple and we are so excited to have them on our team! Plus, they do awesome things like live nativity’s with real camel’s!

As a child one of my absolute favorite things about Christmas morning was pulling my stocking down and dumping out all the surprise goodies inside. As an adult the fun in that kind of dwindles for obvious reason (we now have to fill our own stockings). My family came up with a plan to reignite that exciting moment. Since we do not want to fill our own stockings we fill each others! Whoever in the family wants to join can and we just buy a small gift or treat (usually less than $5) for every one participating. I love that I dont have to fill my own stocking and I am excited to see what goodies are in store Christmas morning. -Katie

So once upon a time when my Grandma was younger, a book called The Polar Express was released. My Grandma fell in love with the message behind it of always believing in something bigger than yourself, even when everyone is telling you it's made up. So, when she got married and started collecting decorations her and my Grandpa would purchase a new Christmas Village piece each year - you know, the little houses and buildings that come together under your tree to create a whole village? Eventually, she had an entire Town and Christmas City, complete with train. And each year we would gather at the edge of these "vast" Christmas Towns to listen to my Grandma read The Polar Express to us while my Grandpa took care of the train and lights to re-enact the scenes in the book right there in front of us. It was absolutely magical. Truly, it wasn't (and still isn't) Christmas unless I get to see that village in all of its glory. Eventually word spread throughout the neighborhood and my Grandparents had the newspaper ask them for an interview. From there, it became a Christmas tradition for youth groups, families, and everyone in-between to come and see this little presentation. That Christmas Village is no longer apart of our Christmases since my Grandpa passed away, but the tradition has lived on with many of us Grandkids; and, whenever I get a chance to see a Christmas village I am always reminded of that special message - to be giving, and always believe. -Michelle

What are some of your family traditions? How long have they been going for? Are they multi-generational? Leave a comment here or tag us on Instagram @thebabycubby with the hashtag #cubbyholidays!

Also, don't forget to come in to the Lindon, UT store to meet all of our fabulous Cubby Mom's! They love helping everyone here and between all of them have a very wide range of experiences! Let us help you!

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