Teach Your Child to Spread Love with The Doll Kind

Teach Your Child to Spread Love with The Doll Kind

I often look at my little boy and can't help but stare. He is just SO amazing. He's handsome. He's smart. He's funny. He's strong. He's loving. He remembers everything, learns new things with minimal effort, and makes every day so happy. But every once in a while, I look at him, and I feel so overwhelmed by the responsibility I have to help him become the person he will be someday. And not only that, to be the best version of the person he will be someday. I want so badly to be a good mom. And I want so badly for him to be a good kid. To be a happy kid. To be a kind kid.

So I'm so, so excited to tell you about these new products from The Doll Kind! These soft, huggable dolls are not just meant to be played with and loved. They are designed to be a symbol of kindness and to help remind your child to be kind. I also love that, for each doll sold, The Doll Kind donates a doll to a child who is less fortunate. Donation sites include orphanages, hospitals, shelters, and more throughout the United States and countries around the world. The Doll Kind dolls are currently available in four designs, including a cute boy doll! Yes! There is even a doll for your little man! Something that every mom of a little boy knows is a hard thing to find! Each doll also includes a naming certificate, which doubles as an agreement to spread love and kindness.                                         

Each doll from The Doll Kind also comes with a kindness kit, which includes ten tokens to give away as acts of kindness and to remind others to be kind. The kindness kit also includes a list of acts of kindness to help your child think of fun ways to share kindness and love. Teal tokens symbolize love, lavender tokens symbolize kindness, and tan tokens symbolize gratitude. And when your little one has given away all of his tokens, you can buy a replacement kindness kit (or you might just want to buy an extra one when you purchase your child's doll!), so he can keep spreading love with everyone around him.    

A toy that can actually help us, as moms and dads, to teach our children to be kind? I love this! I also love that The Doll Kind is all about changing the world one kind act at a time, no matter how small! And that each of their dolls reminds our children (and us) to be kind and to spread love wherever we go!

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