Teething Toolbox: Wink Naturals Teething Gel

Teething Toolbox: Wink Naturals Teething Gel

Just saying the word "teething" can make most parents shudder.

It induces horrific flashbacks of late night screams and copious amounts of drool. Oh wait, Just me?

When my first baby was teething, and I was nearing a breaking point, I picked up a tube of Wink Naturals Cool Gums Teething Gel in hopes that it would offer relief for both my baby and me. After applying a small amount to her little gums, I was both shocked and confused, in the best possible way! It was like some kind of teething sorcery! Almost instantly, she was calm. Thinking it was just a fluke, I was eager to test out the gel again, and wouldn't you know it! Once again, the writhing and the tears stopped almost instantly! It worked far better than anything I had tried up to that point, and you better believe I already have two more tubes handy for our next baby.

Pro tip: I found that the best way to apply the gel was to slather it onto a pacifier and then put it in her mouth. It was easier than trying to put something gooey onto slimy gums.

The drug-free formula contains zero numbing agents, benzocaine or belladonna. What it does contain is natural agents that provide both cooling and soothing effects, such as *menthol, peppermint oil, and aloe leaf juice. Rather than numbing the gums like other teething medications, it presents a cooling sensation. It is is free from preservatives, dyes, fragrances, added artificial flavorings, or unsafe ingredients of any kind, so you can rest easy knowing you aren't putting anything harmful in your baby's mouth. 

Here's a bonus: this isn't just for teething babies! It can also be used for braces, mouth irritation, sensitive teeth, soothing for nursing moms, and toothpaste training for toddlers.

Add Wink Naturals Cool Gums Teething Gel to your toolbox and be ready to tackle any teething woes! You can shop in store or online at BabyCubby.com.

*Please note: The menthol and peppermint included in Wink Cool Gums Teething Gel is properly diluted and 100% safe for oral consumption in babies, children, and adults.

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