Tegu: Building Blocks for Creating Life Long Learners

Tegu: Building Blocks for Creating Life Long Learners

"Play was our first taste of freedom. And in that freedom we discovered who we were and what we could be."

I was a Recreation major in college, which causes some people to scratch their heads and wonder what the heck I was thinking. To be honest, I really didn't know what I was getting myself into when I chose that major, but I quickly learned that the lack of recreation in today's society is becoming a big problem. To put it in perspective, my final project (that took a semester to plan and organize) had one main objective: teach elementary aged children how to play outside. Yes, you read that correctly. These children had a big, beautiful playground at their disposal, but because of decreasing recess time and lack of psychical education classes, they had no idea how to use any of it. So my classmates and I taught them how to play.

When I was given the assignment to highlight Tegu toys, I was immediately captivated. Tegu believes in play; plain and simple. They believe in building forts and splashing in the mud. They believe in creativity and imagination. They believe in the kind of play that has no limits or restrictions. Tegu believes in boundless play.

24-Piece Magnetic Toy Set - Blues

"Boundless Play is playing without an agenda and delighting in the joy of the moment. It's a race to explore and discover."

Tegu has created an outlet for boundless, imaginative play through their magnetic block sets! They can be taken apart and built in hundreds of ways. Their toy sets range from a variety of building blocks, to sets specifically designed for your child to create planes, cars and robots! Tegu even has the research to back up their products. They strive to design all of their block sets to encourage child development through play.

One of Tegu's most popular block sets is the 42 piece set, which comes in three different color combinations (blues, sunset, and tints) and offers hours of endless fun! The blocks come in six different shapes and sizes, including medium columns, planks, long planks, short planks and cubes! Each eco-friendly block is magnetic making building and stacking a breeze! The best part is, they are adult friendly too! Play along with your child and create anything your minds can imagine!

Tegu 42-Piece Magnetic Block Set - Sunset 

Meet Magbot. He's sure to be an out of this world adventure for your child to build! Like every Tegu toy, Magbot features hidden magnets making him easy to build and customize to your child's liking. The Magbot set is fully compatible with every other Tegu toy set, making it a fantastic addition to your child's collection!

Tegu Magbot Magnetic Block Set

Tegu Stunt Team Collection has to be every little boy's dream! The collection features all the blocks needed to build different helicopter variations and even includes a helicopter pilot! Again, this collection is compatible with all the other Tegu toy sets! Let your child's imagination soar by adding the Tegu Stunt Team to their Tegu toy collection!        

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