Terrible Teething

Terrible Teething

I recently went to the dentist, and even amidst a pandemic- where the world is completely out of sorts, it was the most anxious I've been in months. Some of the worst pain I have experienced has been at the dentist office, and I've experienced childbirth… twice.

Mouth pain is the worst. It is hard to distract from, and feel like it takes over your whole body and life. But between root canals and wisdom teeth pulling, I'm a little wary of his office.

This experience got me thinking about my little 16-month-old, who's pretty much been teething, what feels like, her whole life. And she is not the pleasant type of teether, she's a bear, but can you blame her? Can you imagine sharp baby teeth ripping through your gums for weeks on end? Talk about mouth pain that has to take the cake. 

My little girl teeths four at a time, and once all four finally breakthrough, it seems like she only gets a week or two of relief before the next wave hits. Don't even get me started on molars, though. Those bad boys take weeks to break through, weeks! Her poor little mouth has been bloody for almost a year now, and I swear we've tried it all. While nothing can completely take away the pain, we have found a few things that have eased her poor aching gums.

Canyon Leaf’s Amber Teething Necklace

These necklaces are not just a beautiful handcrafted accessory, but are made of a medicinal amber, with anti-inflammatory properties. Baltic amber contains succinic acid, which transfers to your baby as it warms up, and provides soothing anti-inflammatory properties—providing your baby with some sweet relief!

Itzy Ritizy Teethers

We love the food-grade silicone Itzy Ritzy teethers because they are safe for your little to chew on. And they come in tons of fun shapes that are always easy for your little to grasp and hold onto. These teethers are by far our babies' favorite toys. They are reached for time and time again.

Wink Natural Cool Gums Teething Gel

This natural teething gel is free from chemicals and numbing agents, its a completely safe and effective way to help calm your baby's inflamed gums. We love this gel, it not only helps soothe our little one's gums, but it gives us peace of mind with its natural ingredients.

Twinkle Little Starfish Organic Teething Lovey

These little loveys include a removable, eco-friendly natural maple wood ring that is CPSC approved: untreated and chemical-free. Your baby will find comfort in cozy gauze material of the lovey, and love chewing on the sturdy wooden ring.

Teething can be as tough on a mama's heart and sanity, as it is on their poor babies. It can seem never-ending, and if you're anything like me, you will do anything to give your poor babe some sweet relief. Hopefully, you find these few items as helpful as I have. You can shop them, and many more teething toys and accessories in-store or online at The Baby Cubby.


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