The 3 Best Toys for Creative Children

The 3 Best Toys for Creative Children

Children begin their lives with an incredible imagination. I've always felt like my job as a parent was to nurture that imagination and eventual creativity of my child. One of the simple ways I find myself succeeding in this is to encourage imaginative play without restrictions based on gender, age or my own preferences. Since creativity is all about self expression, it's important as a parent to encourage your child to express himself in ways that bring him the most joy! Here are a few toys to inspire creativity within your child.

   Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Book- This handy little book is perfect for families on the go! Grab the Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Book and take it with you to a restaurant, grandma's house or even on a road trip! Your little one can bend the flexible 8x8 pages and still enjoy hours of creative fun! Don't worry about the mess, because there won't be one! The ButterStix chalk sticks are dust free and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The Jaq Jaq Unicorn Chalk Book is a great gift and can be purchased in a variety of colors!

      Hape Toys Sand Art- I've never known a child who didn't love to play with sand! From the texture to the bright fun colors, sand art is a favorite among children. Hape Toys has created two different sand art sets--Monkey Business and King of The Jungle. The Hape Toys Sand Art sets are a fun, simple creative toy that nourishes your child's imagination! This set is sure to encourage artistic skills and development! To learn more, head on over to the Baby Cubby. 

   Kid O MagnaTab- Encourage freedom of creativity with the Kid O Free Play MagnaTab. The magnetic stylus pops beads to the surface allowing your child to create anything his little heart desires! It is especially great for on-the-go fun! Your child can create anything from shapes to letters or even animals! The possibilities are limitless with the Kid O Free Play MagnaTab. If you want to continue the fun into night time, check out the Kid O Jumbo Glow-In-The-Dark MagnaTab!

However you decide to nourish your child's creativity, the Baby Cubby can help! We have hundreds of toys to encourage artistic and overall creative abilities. Our Cubby Moms are incredibly knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect toy for your child. Check out the Baby Cubby site to learn more!

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