The 411 on Baby Bling Bows

The 411 on Baby Bling Bows

“Oh what an adorable little boy!”

“She’s a girl….”

“Oh, but she’s wearing blue.”

“It’s a dress…”

Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Sure, this was an older gentleman but still, this happens ALL the time with babies - especially newborns! So, what's the easiest solution to avoid having your little girl mistaken for a boy? BOWS! Baby Bling Bows are hands down my favorite type of bow for my little girl because they simply look the coziest. And they are really, really adorable.

Here is a brief breakdown of the Baby Bling Bows we carry here at The Baby Cubby:

Preemie Knot Headbands

These were designed for the teeniest of baby heads: preemies and small babies up to about 10 pounds. This size is perfect for bringing home baby, for NICU babies, or for premature babies.

Preemie Knot Headband - Bubble Gum

Solid Knot Headbands

These are the most common type you’ll see at our store, and they are perfection.

Knot Headband - Seafoam

Trimmed Knot Headbands

The extra detail on these trimmed bows is perfect for the finishing touch for the perfect outfit!

Trimmed Knot Headband - Black Pom

Patterned Knot Headbands

Just the right amount of texture! 

Patterned Knot Headband - Stonewash Denim

Trimmed Pattern Knot Headbands

You guessed it, a combination of the knot, the trim, and the pattern (texture). So much goodness going on here.

Trimmed Patterned Knot Headband - Shabby Storm Grey

Printed Knot Headband

Sadly, our choices are limited with this type, but a little bit of print on a bow is PERFECT for solid colored outfits.

Printed Knot Headband - Red Painted Stripe

Cable Knit Knot Headbands

I saved the best for last--this is my personal favorite type. The dainty detailing is hard to beat and this is the bow that I reach for time and time again.

Cable Knit Knot Headband - Mauve

A little about the sizing 

These are made to grow with your little girl from infancy to toddler years and possibly beyond! You’ll find that the majority of these headbands have either a 2-dot stretch rating, or a 3-dot stretch rating. 2 dots succeed at “a good hug but not a tight squeeze”, while 3 dots means it’s incredibly stretchy! 

Care instructions

It sounds intimidating to have to untie a perfectly tied bow, but it’s really not as bad as it sounds! Once the pieces have been hand-washed, lay them flat to dry and then tie it back together! Yes, that sounds daunting but watch this video and look at how easy it is! In fact, I kind of love that I can manipulate the knots and bows to look exactly how I want them to on any given day.

A few last things

Like all headband bows, Baby will be able to pull this down and move it around, but generally these are good at staying in place. And they’re soft enough to be worn all day long! The best part about Baby Bling Bows - they make the perfect gift for a new or expecting mom! When in doubt, buy a bow.

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