The 5 Biggies to Baby Shower Etiquette

The 5 Biggies to Baby Shower Etiquette

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When you're expecting, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the special party that everyone is expecting: The Baby Shower! For those of you who live on this planet, you know that a baby shower is the perfect opportunity to shower the mama-to-be with gifts and love to help her with her new baby. But sometimes it's difficult to know the Do's and Don't's when it comes to showers. Whether you have questions about registries, favors, guests, or decor, we're hoping these are some tips that will help both the guest of honor and the guests with their baby shower etiquette.

1. It's traditional to have either a close friend or family member throw you a shower and take care of the decorations, food, and favors.

To help make things easier for your host, make sure they have the information they need for things like invitations, guest lists, and where you're registered. Also give them a list of your closest friends and family that may be willing to help with prep for the shower. The host may get overloaded with all there is to do, so having some extra help with food or decorations can make all the difference!

2. Make sure that all the guests have an opportunity to meet, and feel a part of the group!

When the host is working on the details of the shower, the guest of honor should be focusing on making sure each guest is greeted, and introduced to the rest of the party to make sure they have an enjoyable time. If you choose to have separate showers with different groups (maybe one with your college girl friends, and one with your extended family) then you won't need to worry about this as much, but it's still an important thing to keep in mind.

3. For those invited to the party, try your best to purchase from the registry.

As every neurotic, pregnant woman knows, we have stressed long and hard over what we think is important for us to have once the baby is born, and we've tried to register for those things. If you feel  like you would like to go off book and get the mama-to-be a gift you're sure she can't live without (or you go a little crazy in the baby section at Gap.... I wouldn't know from experience.) that's okay too! Just make sure that you at least try and supplement the gift with something small from the registry like binkies or wash cloths, so she knows you were thinking of her needs.

4. The host should make sure that the mama-to-be is able to be a guest at her own party.

It can be easy to let her help with the little details like refilling the punch bowl, or refreshing the sandwich platter, but please try your hardest to let her mingle and thank her guests. This may be the last time that she will be able to see some of her friends and family before the baby is born, and most guests like to catch up and offer their congratulations. The guest of honor truly should be showered, so ask other guests for help if you need it!

5. When opening gifts make sure to have a friend keep a list of what gifts were given by which guest, to make thank you notes easier later on (and yes, mama, thank you notes are a must).

The mama-to-be should always be gracious and humble when receiving each gift. It can be easy to squeel with delight when you open up the baby monitor you've been drooling over for months (yes, it's totally a thing), and be a little underwhelmed with the gift card and onesie. Just be considerate, and remember that every guest loves you and has given what they can! The mama-to-be should also remember to bring a gift of her own for the host to show her appreciation for taking the time to shower you with love.

The baby shower can be a highlight for any pregnancy, and it such a fun way to let the mama-to-be know how much we love her! By following some of these etiquette tips, we're sure that your baby shower experience will be filled with love, gifts, and great memories. Have fun mamas!

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