The Baby Cubby Welcomes: Fat Brain Toys!

The Baby Cubby Welcomes: Fat Brain Toys!

Fat Brain Toys is here! Made by Mark and Karen Carson, these high-quality toys will entertain and educate your children. As a small, family owned and operated business, they take great pride in choosing the best American-made toys for over 13 years now.

Fat Brain Toys - AnimaLogic

AnimaLogic is a great thinking game that engages children and keeps them busy for hours! As your child helps the animals cross the river, one at a time, they learn to recognize objects, while testing their matching abilities.

Fat Brain Toys - ModMobiles

Your children will love creating their own car with these mix and match pieces. This set creates a dozen different vehicles helping to broaden your child’s imagination and creativity!

Fat Brain Toys - PipSquigz

Sick of your baby grabbing everything you don’t want them to touch? Get a PipSquigz and focus their attention on a toy they can shake, pop and tug on for hours!

Fat Brain Toys - Peek-a-doodle doo

Need a game your littlest child can conquer? Grab the eggs in this game, hide them, collect them, and do it again! As an added bonus, your child will improve their concentration and memory skills too!

Fat Brain Toys - Reptangles

Throw it back to geometry class with these Reptangles! It’s a great toy for learning, yet having fun! Endless possibilities will keep your child engaged, while inspiring innovation.

Fat Brain Toys - Rolligo

Turn off the electronics and engage your child’s mind with these vibrant spheres! Push it, pull it or roll it and watch the spheres spin in different ways.

Fat Brain Toys - Squigz starter or deluxe set/Squigz yoink


Does your child enjoy putting stickers on everything? Are you sick of the clean-up and sticky residue? Have no fear, squigz is here! Not only will your child expand their imagination, but they can stick this toy on anything and everything without stressing you out! Get the Squigz Yoink as an add-on for your kit for even more stress-free fun!

Fat Brain Toys - Vroom Blox

With these transforming blox, let your child’s imagination run wild as they turn these cubes into a police cruiser, fire truck or ambulance! While learning cause and effect, they will be off to rescue their fellow playmates.

Fat Brain Toys - Wimzle

Develop your baby’s sensory learning with this fun, bright toy. Let them explore each and every texture and feature on this unique toy, while developing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Development play is key in a child's life! Broaden your child's horizon, help them become more intelligent, and help decrease screen time with these amazing, educational, fun-loving toys.

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