The Baby Cubby Welcomes Fiona Walker England!

The Baby Cubby Welcomes Fiona Walker England!

Fiona Walker England is a fashionable brand comes from an all-female work force based in Littlewick Green outside of London. We’re incredibly excited to now be selling some of their adorable products! Each item has a homemade charm and because they are individually and specifically made, no two are identical! All of these are eco-friendly with 100% polyester fill and the felt is comprised of 100% organic lamb’s wool. These are stylish, trendy, and the perfect addition to any nursery, bedroom, or playroom!

Fiona Walker - Grey Hare

I mean, how can you resist those whiskers!? Themed nurseries including woodland creatures or a storybook with bunny rabbits (there are tons!) would be the perfect place for this grey hare to hang out.
 Fiona England Walker Fauxidermy Head - Grey Hare

Fiona Walker - Flamingos

Flamingos are quickly becoming more and more popular! These two birds measure around the same size at about 9x23x13, and would look fantastic in baby girl's room.

 Fiona Walker England Fauxidermy Head - Pink Print Flamingo
 Fiona Walker England Fauxidermy Head - Flamingo  

Fiona Walker - Stripe Print Zebra

The black and white possibilities are endless. This zebra head would look especially good in a place like my little guy's "jungle animal" themed nursery!
 Fiona Walker England Stripe Print Zebra Head

Fiona Walker - Elephants

Elephants are a personal favorite and again, these would be so fun in my baby's nursery! The trunk up elephant is a bit smaller (11x16.5x13.5) than the trunk down elephant (24x12x18). Either would be a fun addition, and who doesn't like an elephant these days?!

 Fiona England Walker Fauxidermy Elephant Head - Trunk Up - Semi
 Fiona Walker England Fauxidermy Elephant Head - Trunk Down

Fiona Walker - Rainbow Safari

Black and white with a splash of color! These have the potential to take a modern room and add color, creativity, and a fun rainbow safari charm.

Fiona Walker England Fauxidermy Rainbow Safari Tiger - Semi 
Fiona Walker England Fauxidermy Rainbow Safari Giraffe

Fiona Walker - Giraffe with Ombre Spots

This typical giraffe is just the right size and shape for your little's room to take on a whole new feel! The ombre spots make the perfect gender neutral friend.

 Fiona Walker England Fauxidermy Giraffe with Ombre Spots - Semi

Fiona Walker Accessories

Dress up your new fauxidermy animal head with a crown or a feather headdress to create a more personalized look! These fun accessories add personality, creativity, color, and imagination to these already lovable animals.

 Fiona Walker England Felt Feather Headdress - Red and Yellow & Black and White
 Fiona Walker England Princess Fairy Crown - Lilac
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