The Baby Cubby's 12 Deals of Christmas

The Baby Cubby's 12 Deals of Christmas

Traditions run deep during Christmas time. But with so many traditions, they start to blur together as the holiday season rushes by. I have a hard time keeping straight--the number of days in the Advent calendar versus how many days are in the “Days of Christmas” and even how many reindeer Santa has. 

The tradition I am most unfamiliar with, however, is the 12 Days of Christmas. Like me, you may think the 12 Days of Christmas is one of the many countdowns to the holiday, and if you thought that, you would be wrong, my friends. The days preceding Christmas are actually part of Advent, which starts on December 1st for secular calendars.

The 12 Days of Christmas, on the other hand, was traditionally celebrated by various Christian sects during the period of time between Christ’s birth and the arrival of the three wise men. The celebration begins on December 25th and ends on January 6th, which is also known as Epiphany.  

Despite its religious background, today the 12 Days of Christmas has many other secular traditions associated with it. Most common is counting down the days to Christmas. From 12 days of gift giving to 12-day sales, there are so many ways to play on the modernized 12 Days of Christmas!

The Baby Cubby is no exception to the fun! Our 12 Deals of Christmas are in full swing right now! We’re so excited for you to see all the goodies that we have lined up for you to snag, just in time for Christmas!

From Tea Collection clothes to our entire diaper bag selection, we have so many deals coming your way! As you're whittling down your Christmas list and grabbing last minute presents and stocking stuffers, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for, at the perfect price.

We love being a part of your holiday celebration, and we hope we can add a little extra cheer to your season with our sweet deals! Check out our 12 Deals of Christmas online or in store at The Baby Cubby!

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