The Baby Gear Item You've Been Missing

The Baby Gear Item You've Been Missing

Bumbo is a household name these days. If you don’t have one in your own home, you are sure to have heard of one. While they are a frequent topic during mommy-debates and, as a company, we do not endorse or recommend any other use for the Bumbo Floor Seat than to be seated safely on the floor, we are happy to carry them in our stores and share information on them here because many individuals love them and have safely used them in various ways.
I, myself, have one and love it! But, I take extra precaution to make sure I use it safely. The key is to never leave your child unattended for even a second; and by unattended, we do not mean in the same room, but distracted to any degree, we mean hand and eye-contact at all times. To some people, that’s more work than it’s worth and, if that’s the case, it is perfectly okay to call pass and we will recommend a more low-maintenance product. If you are willing and capable of providing 100% attention and are aware the seat is not a safe alternative to hearty parental-supervision, then by all means, read on and get your hands on a Bumbo Floor Seat as soon as possible! With the proper knowledge and execution, they can leverage a huge advantage in your home among other handy baby gear.
 Bumbo's Multi-Use Floor Seat

The Bumbo Floor Seat is a soft and comfortable foam seat that provides a great way for babies to sit upright as soon as they are able to support their own head, giving them an opportunity to view their surroundings from another perspective as well as participate in more engaging interactions with mom, dad, or caregiver during playtime and mealtimes. The seat fits baby’s posture with a contoured seat and includes a three-point harness for added safety and protection.

Some great uses for your Bumbo Floor Seat include:

-Sitting baby up on the floor in play areas and high-traffic rooms to allow them to see and interact with parents, siblings, and other ongoings throughout the house.

-Bringing baby into the shower once he/she can prop his/her head up. Because it’s made of foam, however, it can float a little bit, so make sure your shower drains well to avoid floating and upturned Bumbos. It’s also a great place for quick little sponge baths, especially on-the-go and for vacations, because baby can sit on the counter next to the sink or in an empty tub (fully supervised for either one) and doesn’t have to get fully submerged in the water, but the foam seat can handle a little bit of dripping from a good warm, soapy wipe-down.

-Makeshift portable high chair. Just like using it for bath time on-the-go, we loved taking the Bumbo seat on vacations when our little guy was about 4 to 9 months old. He was still little enough that it was so much more convenient to have a high-chair for meal times, but we didn’t want to lug around anything we didn’t need. The Bumbo is great for throwing in the back of the car and taking on road trips. Great for meal-times on the go in the back of the car or in a hotel room. It’s even great for a portable high chair at home. Just make sure that you are buckling your baby in using the 3-point safety harness and never break hand or eye-contact!

I, along with so many other moms and families, have loved the Bumbo and safely incorporated it’s convenience into our daily lives. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye, with nearly any product, so be sure to educate yourself and evaluate how diligent you are willing to be before you invest the money and start putting it to use. No item, no matter how trendy or acclaimed, is worth the price if it will be used incorrectly or unsafely. The Bumbo, used correctly, is worth every penny!

Written by Witney Loftin

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