The Best Baby Gear for Minimalists!

The Best Baby Gear for Minimalists!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the "stuff" that you supposedly need for your new addition? Maybe you are living in a super small space, or maybe you would just rather keep things a little simpler. Either way, we get it, and are here to help you! You truly can have a baby and still keep things relatively simple in the "baby stuff" area. The six products I am highlighting today will help you accomplish just that, AND you won't be left wishing for items that you didn't buy. Winner, winner!!

Car Seat

It goes without saying that you need a car seat for baby. I mean, they won't let you leave the hospital without one that is properly installed so...yeah. But sometimes people hate the idea that if you start with an infant car seat, you just have to buy another one. Luckily, there are convertible car seats on the market that have been made to accommodate babies starting as newborns! The Nuna Rava can be used for babies starting at 5 pounds rear-facing all the way up to 65 pounds forward-facing!

Nuna Rava

A few other amazing features of the Rava are: an all steel frame (seriously this is AMAZING! so much safer than plastic), 10-position recline, 10-position adjustable head support and harness height, 2-position no-rethread between the legs buckle, and breathable fabric that you can wash in the washing machine!!! This seat was built to fit all of your car seat needs! I'm pretty positive you will love it!


Okay so what do you do about the stroller? You want it to fit all of your stroller needs, but is that even possible? YES!! Enter the Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller! I know, I know, the name says jogging stroller but it is so much more than that! Ready to be amazed?


Bumbleride Indie

The Indie is a jogging stroller (with all wheel suspension!) that was designed to also be used as an everyday stroller. The first important feature for this dual use is the wheel lock. Jogging strollers typically have a front wheel that does not swivel. The Indie has the option; front wheel locked or front wheel swivels! You can switch from one mode, to the other, in seconds with the flick of a button. Dual use stroller = CHECK! At only 20 pounds and with a one-step fold, it is also very easy to travel with! You can cruise right on up to the gate before your flight, and flip it closed with one quick movement. It auto-locks and stands when folded too. SO nice, right?! Indie has a 5-point harness, an adjustable foot rest, and an SPF 45+ canopy. Are you amazed yet?!


Ahh yes, the swing. A lot of swings on the market are great! But, you are looking for one that can be used the longest and doesn't take up so much room when you do want to store it. The Nuna Leaf is the answer for you! The Leaf has a motor-free movement that resembles the float of a leaf caught in a light breeze. As your babe moves and wiggles, it will sway back and forth just like you do! It is the perfect blend of simplicity and innovation.

Nuna Leaf

The best part? It only weighs 11.9 pounds and has been endurance tested all the way up to 130 pounds!! WHAT???? Yes. 130! So, you definitely don't need another swing! The Leaf is at the top of my "wants" list for my next baby!

Diaper Bag

Picking a versatile diaper bag is such a game changer! You want something with multiple carrying options, that you can also use as a purse. If you are looking to go minimal, then you surely don't want to have to keep a purse around for non-baby outings, right?! The Skip Hop Highline diaper bag is the perfect fit for all of those needs!

Skip Hop Highline Convertible Diaper Bag  

You can carry it on your arm, wear is as a backpack, and wear it as a cross-body bag! The leather detailing, gold hardware, and classy stripes make it look like a nice hand bag for your night out with hubby too! It comes with stroller clips and a changing pad, is big enough to fit all you need, and has HIDDEN bottle pockets. No one has to know it is a diaper bag!

High Chair

The Stokke Tripp Trapp is a serious winner you guys. Hands down, the best chair for someone who is wanting to buy less and use it longer! When you combine it with the baby set, and cushion, the Tripp Trapp can be used from the time they can sit up on their own until...well...basically as long as you want to use it.  

Stokke Tripp Trapp

You can adjust the seat and foot plates up and down making this a completely customizable fit for your kiddo! Because there is no tray on the front (you can buy a tray separately if you really want one!), you can pull it right up to the dinner table. Baby gets to join everyone in mealtime conversation just as if they are sitting in a chair next to you. Tripp Trapp is of course made of strong durable wood, and is environmentally friendly!

Baby Carrier

Of course you want to love on your babe as much as possible; nothing is sweeter than a cuddly new babe. BUT that fact doesn't make the laundry and dishes and work disappear. Sometimes you need to pop them in a carrier so you can keep them close and get other things done at the same time! There are lots of awesome carriers, slings, and wraps on the market, but if you want just one, I 100% recommend the ErgoBaby Adapt carrier!

Ergobaby Adapt

Ergo carriers are designed to keep baby sitting in the perfect ergonomic position, so there isn't any unnecessary stress on his/her hips and back. The adapt is ErgoBaby's newest release and I am in love with it! With their other models, you have to purchase a newborn insert, but not for the adapt. You can use it from 7 pounds to 14 pounds and in three different carrying positions without an insert. It is comfortable for baby, and for the person doing the carrying!

Seriously, all of these products are ones that I LOOOVE! Well-made and beautiful baby gear is one of my love languages! (Go ahead and call me a baby gear nerd. It's fine. I have accepted it!) Add the fact that all of these products are versatile and will be with you for years, well, I am definitely in love! Minimal for the win! As always, if you have any other questions about these products come visit us in American Fork, or give the store a call! 

 Written by: Alyssa Liston

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