The Best Pacifier Brands + Comparison

The Best Pacifier Brands + Comparison

Expecting parents have to make so many decisions. Picking all the right things to use for your baby is a serious task! I mean, I am really glad that there are lots of options because everyone is different, but the contemplating and decision making can sure feel never-ending. So, because I know you have better things to do than stand in an aisle staring at all the different pacifiers, we are talking brands and comparisons today!


RaZbaby 2-Pack Jollypop Pacifier - Teal

The Jollypop is becoming a new front-runner in the pacifier world! These are great for newborns because they are smaller overall and the nipple is shorter in length than other pacifiers. This is a silicone pacifier and it is commonly given at hospitals now. Jollypops have a "butterfly notch" so baby's nose does not touch or rub on the outer shield. The price is great at $4.99 for two.


Avent's Soothie has been a classic for years. It is a silicone pacifier that most babies will take because of the round nipple and shield. The shield was designed to touch the baby's nose to mimic the feel of nursing, so this is a good option for breastfed babes! They are a bit bigger and heavier compared to others so keep that in mind. Soothies are $5.95 for two.
Wubbanub Pacifier - Baby Cubby Wubbanub Pacifier


A Wubbanub is basically just a Soothie pacifier with a small stuffed animal attached to it. These were designed to help keep the pacifier in your baby's mouth so you aren't spending your life chasing it around! The little animal can also become a little lovey and security for baby too! The price for a Wubbanub is $13.95. Doddle and Co. The Pop Pacifier

Doddle and Co.

Doodle and Co. pacifiers are newer on the market but are becoming well known quickly. Whenever they are dropped the nipple pops back into a little dome to protect it from the filthy ground. It's an opaque silicone and is a bit on the thicker side so it might be a little hard for newborns to suck, but does have the round nipple that is good for breastfed babes! Doodle and Co. pacifiers are $9.99


BIBS 2-Pack Pacifier Set

BIBS 2-Pack Pacifier Set

Bibs pacifiers are a mix of plastic and rubber. The outer shield is plastic and curves away from the baby's face to prevent irritation on her/his sweet and smooth skin. The nipple itself is rounded natural rubber and will mimic the feel of nursing. These pacis come in multiple beautiful color options! The price for Bibs pacifiers is $15.00 for two.

Ecopiggy Pacifier - Baby Cubby Ecopiggy Pacifier

Ecopiggy and Natursutten

Both Ecopiggy and Natursutten pacifiers are popping up all over the place these days due to the fact that they are both all-natural rubber. They are designed without creases or pockets that can collect drool/bacteria/etc. Both brands offer both rounded- and angled-shaped or orthodontic-shaped nipples (see this post for more on pacifier shape). So what is the difference between the two? The main difference is that Natursutten offers the butterfly cut shield (to keep the pacifier away from baby's nose) as well as the round shield shape. Ecopiggy only offers the standard round shield. Ecopiggy pacifiers are $8.50. Natursutten are $11.99.

Are you feeling extremely educated on pacifiers now? I hope so! Be sure to check out our post about pacifier materials if you are wanting more information about that! Remember if you try one with your babe and they don't love it, keep trying! We went through three different brands with my first baby before she took to one. There are obviously many bigger decisions to make about your baby items, but when the baby becomes upset, your pacifier very quickly becomes the most important thing in the world for a few minutes!  

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