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The Best Things: Style & Function with Petal Lane Magnet Boards

The Best Things: Style & Function with Petal Lane Magnet Boards

Petal Lane is one of our favorite art brands we carry at The Baby Cubby. I absolutely love the idea of beautiful art that also functions as a magnet board. They are a family-run company with all products made in the USA.

I can picture these pieces perfectly in any nursery and the possibilities are endless as to what you can pin to each board to add a personal element or memory! Personally my favorite piece we sell is this 32x24 Petal Lane "How Wonderful Life Is" framed magnet board with the quote 'how wonderful life is now that you're in the world'.  I think it would be so cute to then use the magnets to pin up a picture or two from the hospital, also the stamped card of little baby footprints or even the tiny hospital bracelets.

 They also have canvas wrapped magnetic boards featuring cute watercolor quotes. It would be fun to use the magnets to put pictures or little souvenirs or tickets from a trip up on the adventure and exploring boards to bring back memories from a special trip!

 Petal Lane also has boards with sweet unique drawings that would be perfect for a themed room or add a special touch as art and functionality as the magnet board.  Definitely check out our Petal Lane products if you are looking for a cute way to combine art and functionality and a fashionable way to personalize your space.

 Petal Lane Framed Magnet Board - 16 x 24 - Watercolor Dog
 Petal Lane Framed Magnet Board - 32 x 24 - How Wonderful Life Is
 Petal Lane Framed Magnet Board - 24 x 32 - Let Life Surprise You
Petal Lane Canvas Wrapped Magnet Board - 14 x 14 - Let The Adventure Begin
 Petal Lane Framed Watercolor Magnet Board - 24 x 24 - Lion Roar
 Petal Lane Canvas Wrapped Magnet Board - 8 x 8 - Never Stop Exploring
 Petal Lane Canvas Wrapped Magnet Board - 6.5 x 10 - My Smiles
 Petal Lane Framed Magnet Board - 24 x 32 - My Smiles Begin With You
 Petal Lane Magnet Words - 5.5 x 10 - You Are Awesome  

Written by Cassie Tremblay

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