The Car Seat of the Future - The Self-Installing 4moms Infant Car Seat

The Car Seat of the Future - The Self-Installing 4moms Infant Car Seat

Car seat installation can be a pain in the rear. Is it tight enough? Is it level? The seat belt has to go through where?? If you are familiar with the 4moms brand, you know that they aim to make things easy and high-tech, keeping up with the next generation. Their new Self-Installing Infant Car Seat does just that! No more painful car seat installations, just a satisfying confirmation that your baby is safe. All you need is the car seat, your car, and their app. Check out some of the reasons why The Baby Cubby loves this exciting new product:


Once you click in the LATCH system, and the app confirms it is attached correctly, the base will automatically level itself to the proper position for your specific vehicle. 


After the base is properly leveled and the app confirms it, the base will automatically tighten. No more getting in the car and kneeling awkwardly on top of the base - this base does it all for you! 

Continuous Monitoring

Your new favorite app will monitor the installation of your infant car seat every time that you attach the carrier to the base. You can rest easy knowing that your infant is secure for each car ride!
 Besides these high-tech features, the 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat also has great features found in many of our favorite infant car seats, including side impact protection, an 8 position adjustable headrest with no re-thread harness, a 5-point harness system featuring harness pockets and a self-retracting buckle, a full coverage canopy with pop-out shade, and breathable, machine-washable seat fabric.
 This peace-bringing infant car seat is coming soon to The Baby Cubby! Watch our Instagram for more info! Or check out our live videos from the ABC Kids expo!
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