Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux Infant Car Seats

Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux Infant Car Seats

There are countless brands that make and sell baby gear. For some, this can be a big plus, leaving lots of options to pick from. For many moms, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. And as a mom of two myself and an avid researcher that dives DEEP into videos, reviews, and tutorials, I've discovered that there really is a lot of baby gear out there that is subpar, lacking severely in quality and function! Baby purchases are already expensive as is, so it's important to make sure your hard-earned money is going towards something worthwhile! And that's why, at The Baby Cubby, we strive to only carry those brands that design beautiful products that are innovative, built to last and make life easier and more comfortable for parents and babies alike--which is why we LOVE Cybex!

Cybex truly believes that babies and parents deserve the best. This belief has led them to create products with "unique design, unsurpassed safety and quality, and intelligent functionality." As a result, their car seats and strollers are award winning and beloved by parents in many countries around the world! And in the past few months, Cybex has added some incredible new products to their collection of high end baby gear. From the Cybex Gazelle S 2 single-to-double stroller that truly stands above its competitors, to the brand new Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux infant car seats, parents can't go wrong when shopping Cybex!

Today, let's specifically take a look at the Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux infant car seats, and why they are both excellent choices for your little one!

Cybex Cloud G & Cloud G Lux

We know Cybex loves creating innovative products, and the Cloud G and Cloud G Lux are no exception! These infant car seats feature an extremely unique quality that allows you to recline and extend the car seat itself. This allows for optimal child comfort through more ergonomic positioning through extended leg room and the reclined headrest.

This is a great feature to have if you're planning to use your infant car seat with a stroller, as you can click the car seat into place and recline your baby's car seat to allow them a more flat position for napping. Not only does this increase their safety, but comfort as well, as the Cloud G and Cloud G Lux offers 45% more recline than similar car seats. 

Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux recline

In addition to the comfort extend recline, which is the most advantageous feature in these models, the Cloud G and Cloud G Lux are equipped with additional features that set them apart from other high end infant car seats!

When it comes to safety, both models include linear side-impact protection that reduces impact force by 30%. Both car seat bases also have an incorporated anti-rebound panel within the car seat base. In recent years, anti-rebound panels have gained popularity and many brands are starting to incorporate them into their designs, as research has shown they help to stabilize the car seat more effectively than a tight install alone. Anti-rebound panels also prevent sideways and rearward rotation in the event of a collision, which can reduce infant injury!

Cybex Cloud G with Base

Comfort is another category that the Cloud G and Cloud G Lux car seats don't skimp on. From the car seat shells with built in ventilation to help your infant better regulate their temperature to the XXL canopy for optimal sun coverage, the Cloud G and Cloud G Lux are sure to keep your little one comfortable at all times. And of course, with the aforementioned comfort extend recline, nap time has never been more cozy!

Cybex Cloud G Ventilation

And finally, it wouldn't be a Cybex product if parent convenience wasn't considered. The Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux have a no-rethread harness and headrest as well as a high-quality Rigid latch that allows for a quick, hassle-free install in seconds! The buckle pad also helps keep the harness out of the way, which makes loading and unloading a breeze! And if you need a travel system, both models work seamlessly with all car seat compatible Cybex strollers!

Cybex Easy-In Buckle Pad

Now, let's look at the facts and figures of each model so you know exactly which model is right for you!


Price: $399.95 (Cloud G); $449.95 (Cloud G Lux)

Car Seat Weight: 1 lbs

Dimensions: 26.5" - 30" L x 17.6" W x 15.8" - 23" H

Weight/Height Limits: From 4 lbs up to 35 lbs.; max. 32"

Installation Options: One-Click Rigid Latch, Seatbelt

Included with Purchase: Infant car seat, car seat base, infant insert, car seat manual, SensorSafe buckle & load leg (with Cloud G Lux ONLY)

Design Features

Colors: Moon Black, Lava Grey, Ocean Blue, Seashell Beige (Cloud G);

Moon Black, Lava Grey, Ocean Blue, Seashell Beige, Monument Grey, Beach Blue, Hibiscus Red, Nature Green (Cloud G Lux)

Fabrics: Fire retardant chemical free plush fabrics

Safety: Linear Side-Impact Protection, EPS foam, anti-rebound panel in base, load leg in base & SensorSafe chest clip (with Cybex Cloud G Lux ONLY)

Convenience: Machine washable fabrics (drip dry), no-rethread harness/headrest, easy-in buckle pad, 5 second Rigid Latch install, connects to Cybex strollers for seamless travel system

Comfort: Extendable recline, in shell air ventilation to ensure comfortable temperature at all times, XXL canopy that tucks away beautifully when not in use


Strollers: All Cybex brand strollers

Accessories: Insect net, Sun shade, Rain cover, additional base

Additional Resources

YouTube Videos/TutorialsThe Cybex Cloud G Lux Sensor Safe Infant Car Seat Review and Demo

Manual: Cybex Cloud G & Cloud G Lux Owner's Manual

Cybex SensorSafe Technology

Although the Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux are extremely similar, the Cloud G Lux has an additional feature that makes it worth exploring--Cybex's SensorSafe Technology!

This technology is incorporated within the chest clip of the car seat, and sends notifications to your smartphone via an app when dangerous situations arise.

These include:

  • Leaving your child in the car

  • A child becoming too hot or too cold

  • The chest clip becomes unbuckled

  • The child has been in the car seat too long

All of these are major safety hazards and lead to death and injury every single year, so this technology can give parents an additional resource to prevent unnecessary tragedy.

Cybex Sensorsafe Clip with baby

FAQ's About the Cloud G & Cloud G Lux

What are the biggest differences between the Cloud G and Cloud G LUX?

The Cloud G and Cloud G LUX are both great options and are similar in most ways, with a few key differences to keep in mind when deciding between the two.

These include:

    • Price: Cloud G is $399.95; Cloud G Lux is $449.95

    • Colors: The Cloud G only comes in 4 neutral tones, the Cloud G Lux comes in 8 neutral AND vibrant hues, making it easier for all parents to find a car seat that TRULY fits their style and aesthetic.

    • Base: Cloud G comes with the standard car seat base, while the Cloud G Lux base features a load leg for increased safety.

    • Additional Safety Features: While the Cloud G already has a ton of incorporated features that make it safer than a lot of its competitors, the Cloud G Lux has a few additional characteristics that make it a great choice. These include the chest clip with SensorSafe Technology, as well as the luxury base that features the load leg.

How are the Cloud G and Cloud G Lux bases similar? And how are they different?

Both car seat bases include an anti-rebound panel for added stability and protection in the event of a crash. The Cloud G Lux car seat base features an additional load leg for even greater stability. The load leg also absorbs crash forces and can reduce the force felt by the infant by 30%!

Both car seat bases are compatible with either infant car seat, so you can always buy an additional base separately if you'd like!

Can I use the comfort extend recline feature in the vehicle?

No, the comfort extend recline feature is only to be used outside of the vehicle when your car seat is clipped into a stroller.

Cybex Cloud G Installed

Overall, you can't go wrong with either model! We truly LOVE both the Cybex Cloud G and Cloud G Lux, and hope you will too!

Come check them out in store or browse online anytime at, where we offer our customers 5% back in rewards, the best price guarantee, and free shipping over $95!

Have any questions? Reach out anytime for experienced advice and help from our certified Cubby moms! We would love to help you find the perfect car seat or stroller to fit your individual needs!


Lindsey Swenson

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