The Drying Racks You'll Want for Everything...Not Just Bottles

The Drying Racks You'll Want for Everything...Not Just Bottles

Bottle drying no longer has to be drab or time consuming. No more laying a towel on the counter only to come back a few hours later with dewy droplets still clinging to the inside of the bottle. Boon Baby Products has created a stylish and equally functional way to dry all of your baby's feeding accessories. Who knew dish drying could be so easy and chic!

Boon Grass is a BPA, Phthalate and PVC-free plastic drying accessory. I personally use the Boon Grass for all my baby's bottles, nipples, utensils and general food ware. I can easily fit all of my baby's dish ware on it to dry. It fits perfectly next to my sink and it is a great accessory to my kitchen.  The Boon Grass holds any water that may fall from the wet dishes, leaving the counter (and the bottles) nice and dry! I love that I can take the grass component out of the base to empty the water that falls from the dish ware. It also makes for easy cleaning of the base and grass components. One of my favorite features of the Boon Grass is the vibrant green color! It adds a flare to my kitchen that always attracts the best kind of attention!

The Boon Grass comes in a variety of sizes to help fit different kitchens and lifestyles as well! Check out their smallest, the Boon Patch and the largest, the Boon Lawn! Plus, get a variety of their accessories to maximize space and drying time!


The Boon Sprig is another countertop drying rack, but this modern, fresh look is quite unique! Made to resemble a small houseplant or a cute little cactus, the Boon Sprig features limbs perfect for hanging bottles, nipples or sippy cups to dry. This drying rack would be great for a smaller kitchen. Its circular base is ideal for tight spaces; it will fit anywhere! The Sprig also features the clean white base with the pop of green color. The green, plant component is removable and easy to clean. All the water that falls from the wet dish ware will be caught in the white base, which can be dumped at a later time. The Boon Sprig is truly a fun, stylish alternative to any drab towel! It turns washing the dishes into an experience you (and maybe even your toddler) will enjoy!   

Head on over to The Baby Cubby to find the perfect countertop drying rack to adorn your kitchen!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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