The Essential Fun Of Bath Time and Meals

The Essential Fun Of Bath Time and Meals

Generally speaking, you could say that all young kids need is to be fed, cleaned, and loved immensely. It seems simple enough, right? I guess in a perfect world, you would never have to feed or clean a grabby or protesting child, but alas the world isn't perfect; especially when you are raising beautiful tiny humans. Luckily for parents, there are plenty of wonderful products in the world that help you get the essential tasks done with little fuss!

Let's talk about why these tasks, with the right helpers for mom and dad, are some of my best tools for parenting. Of course, they are always part of our schedule but some days, they become a little more than just something to be checked off the list. You know those days when you burn through all your activities and usual tricks before nap time even comes? Yeah, those days.

Boon Cogs Bath Toy With Boon Tubes - Baby Cubby


We LOVE baths in our house. Both my girls would stay in the bath for hours on end as long as the water never went cold, and they have some cool toys to play with. I love baths for two reasons (other than the obvious fact of clean children); calm down before bedtime, and the perfect time filler activity! I have a five-month-old and a three-year-old, so what I need for successful baths ranges a little bit. We have an infant bath for the baby and a few bright, yet simple, toys she can easily grasp. Her big sister can't wait to take baths with her so as soon as she sits well on her own, we will add a bath seat or bath mat to the regular tub to make it more suitable for her too. Especially for the days that I am just trying to kill time with the bath, having toys that are more of an activity for the toddler is fantastic!


Obviously, I don't use food as a crutch to entertain my children often, but when they do need to eat lunch or have a snack, it does fill time and that is a win for mom during the day! Our baby is currently bottle fed and has just started to eat solid foods. We go through an impressive amount of bottles some days, and there is absolutely nowhere better to dry those bottle parts than on the Boon Grass Drying Rack and accessories. I still love taking the time to sit and hold her while she drinks her bottle so we have that one on one time, but introducing solids has been so much fun! Now rather than trying to decide what to do with her while I prep lunch for big sis, I just plop her in the high chair and let her go to town with her little silicone feeder filled with fruit or veggies. It helps her learn to use her hands to feed herself, and frees up my hands all in one! Meals for our toddler always happen at the table, buckled into her toddler seat so that keeps her in one place! But, snack time often happens on the run or while she is doing something else. Call me crazy but I am not about to make her stop coloring on her art table or playing with her calico critters to come downstairs and have a snack; I wouldn't want her to lose interest in something that she is having fun doing. After vacuuming twice in one day too many times, I finally learned my lesson and got snack cups that can be rolled and tipped without spilling their contents all over. Thank you snack cup inventors!

You see, thanks to bright people that see a parent's need and go to work to fulfill them (hi Boon!), tasks that are pretty chore-like sometimes can be made a bit easier, and even much more useful for mom and dad. Next time you find yourself on the verge of boiling over, fill up that bath, toss in the toys and turn on some tunes for you!

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