The Housedress is Making a Modern Mama Comeback!

The Housedress is Making a Modern Mama Comeback!

There is just about nothing I love more than a comfy outfit that can take me from the couch to the park to shopping with my babes with pretty much zero effort. That's why Nesting Olive housedresses speak to me on a spiritual level.

I've been a fan of the housedress since having my first babe, but have never been able to find one that isn't 1., way too short for this mama to feel okay walking around in public, or 2., flannel, covered in floral and lace, and makes me look 100 years old.

Nesting Olive has honestly answered my prayers when they released the modern housedress for mamas who love comfort, and want something that can be good for a day in the house or a day out!

They're amazingly soft, high quality, and you'll feel great wearing them! I love, love, love that they have pockets, so they make it an easy outfit to wear when you're out running errands or at the park with your babes.

Something else that I appreciate is that they are totally universal for the mama body. And I mean like the entire spectrum of mama bodies. The Nesting Olive housedresses are perfect for pregnant mamas, nursing mamas, postpartum mamas, too-little-sleep mamas, headed to pick up formula mamas... you get the point! They'll be able to transition with you from all your mama bodies and I love that!

Here are the colors that we carry at The Baby Cubby! Feel free to order online (make sure and check the sizing guide) or come in store and try them out! Fair warning: you'll probably want to wear it home.

Classic Housedress - Heather

Classic Housedress - Ellie

Classic Housedress - Rustic Plum

Classic Housedress - Overboard

Classic Housedress - Olivia

Classic Housedress - Asphalt

Classic Housedress - Black

Classic Housedress - Cadet

A fave product doesn't have to be flashy or exciting, but for this mama there is nothing more exciting than having an outfit that I feel great in and let's my mama body grow the way it needs to! Nesting Olive gives you all the goodness of a housedress, with a modern look that'll make you feel amazing!

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