The Ingenuity of a Simple Clip

The Ingenuity of a Simple Clip

When it comes to babies, I consider myself rather experienced. I don't mean that I'm an expert who knows everything there is to know, I say that because I've had the opportunity to bear and raise five little ones of my own. My oldest baby just entered the teenage years (heaven help us all!), and my youngest baby is trying his hardest to grow up, very much to my dismay!

When I think about becoming a mom 13 years ago, and how I knew absolutely nothing and felt completely in over my head, I can't help but be grateful for the lessons I've learned and how far I've come! Some of those many lessons include, always pack an extra change of clothes; never pass up an opportunity to let someone babysit; babies do indeed put everything in their mouths; sleep is overrated yet so necessary; mothers absolutely know the very best; and, a lost binky is very close to the end of the world.

loved by mary pacifier clip<br />

On that note, one of my most favorite, precious, and valuable baby products was my baby's pacifier clip. Simple, basic, and boring? Yes. Super helpful and completely indispensable? Heck, yes! I wouldn't leave the house without one! Too many times I'd find myself in situations when my sweet baby just needed a little extra consoling, and just when I'd get him soothed--yep, you guessed it--out popped the binky and down the grocery store aisle it would roll! I even had the misfortune of losing one down a storm drain. Ewww! It's a mother's worst nightmare! (Okay, maybe just mine.) Regardless, by that point, neither you nor your baby are feeling particularly happy at the moment.

You'll be happy to know that The Baby Cubby carries a large variety of the absolute cutest pacifier clips that exist in the universe of pacifier clips. I can't wait to show off some of them to you--all the while wishing I knew of them back when my babies were younger! Check them out:

I'm pretty sure when it comes to convenience, style, function, and plain old ingenuity, these pacifier clips tick all the marks!

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