The Ju-Ju-Be Ever Collection Releases TODAY!

The Ju-Ju-Be Ever Collection Releases TODAY!

Today is the day!! The Ever Collection from Ju-Ju-Be drops TODAY and we couldn't be more excited to bring them to you. These bags are truly not anything like the bags we have seen from Ju-Ju-Be in the past, so if you haven't been a brand fan before, then you just might change your tune now. These bags are beautiful, versatile, and can fill many more needs than just a diaper bag!

Ju-Ju-Be has been around for years developing functional bags that very thoughtfully and specifically meet the needs of bag-carrying parents. It is clear that there has been a style shift in the diaper bag market recently, leading many moms (or dads) to pick bags that are much more minimal in the exterior design. The leather look has taken center stage, and these vegan leather Ever bags are the Ju-Ju-Be answer to this shift!

Forever Backpack

The first time I saw this bag, I immediately loved it! That buttery-smooth-looking brown brulee color and the gold hardware just grabbed me and sucked me right in. I hadn't even looked at it enough to notice features and was on my way to being sold! Not digging the brulee color? No problem! This bag also comes in stone (gray) and noir (black), so three cheers for color options!

As you can see just by looking at the picture, you have a front zippered pocket, two "bottle" pockets, your main pocket, and a top zippered pocket for mommy accessories! What you don't see is that there is also a zippered pocket on the back side as well. I really love that there is a two-way, two-pull zipper for the main pocket. Not having to figure out which side of the bag your zipper is on is just one way you save a few seconds, and every mom knows a few seconds can go a long way with kids on your hands!


The interior has EIGHT POCKETS! My organized-bag-loving heart is jumping for joy over here. I watched this bag be packed and unpacked and I was completely sold! Give me all the pockets!! Are you loving this as much as I am yet?! Let's check out the next beauty!

The Wherever Weekender

Talk about a sophisticated and ultra professional weekender, overnighter, carry on, or conference bag! This thing can really fit a laundry list of bag needs. You have three different exterior pockets on the weekender; a magnetic closure pocket on front, the main (large!) zippered pocket, and a zippered tech pocket on the back. The bag can be carried with the messenger strap or tote straps on the top--no one can complain about two carrying options!

One thing that many people don't think about when shopping for a bag is the size of the opening to your main compartment. The Wherever Weekender has a nice large/wide opening to the main pocket so you are really able to see and stuff exactly how you want to! There are SEVEN POCKETS on the inside surrounding the very spacious interior of the bag, just think of how perfectly organized you can be on your next plane ride!

Truly, truly, I am just so impressed with Ju-Ju-Be for producing something so many women want! I was SO surprised to see this bag coming from them because plain leather-like has not come from them ever before. So, WELL DONE to them! And to you, if you are as impressed as I am, you are going to want to scurry over to the website to grab yourself one before everyone else in the diaper bag world catches on and these things start flying off the shelves!

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