The Muslin Quilt Comparison: Little Unicorn v. Saranoni v. Aden & Anais

The Muslin Quilt Comparison: Little Unicorn v. Saranoni v. Aden & Anais

The muslin quilt. You see them everywhere these days! Hanging from cribs in pristine nurseries waiting for babies on the way, wrapped around babes in strollers, at the park, or in the backyard on beautiful sunny days! And lucky for everyone out there, multiple companies make them so a plethora of designs and styles are always out there to be bought. But, what's the difference between all of them? Let's get into it.

From plenty of research, I can tell you that the difference you want to focus on is the fabric of your quilt. With the fabric types of these quilts, there isn't necessarily a best one overall, just a best one for your wants! To give you a pretty good visual explanation we are going to compare three different brands.

Little Unicorn

There are actually two different types of quilts from Little Unicorn. The first is 100% cotton muslin (Cotton Muslin Quilt) and the second is 100% rayon muslin made from bamboo (Deluxe Muslin Quilt). With a cotton muslin quilt, you are getting the classic type of muslin quilt, made with four classic cotton muslin swaddles. The deluxe quilt is, you guessed it, made of four luxuriously soft bamboo swaddles.

Both of these quilts are amazing! In a few words, the biggest difference is the feel and durability of the fabric. The Cotton Muslin Quilt is not as buttery soft as the deluxe. The Deluxe Quilt, because of how soft it is, may snag a bit easier throughout your adventures. Little Unicorn is known for their playful but beautiful designs, and do not disappoint!

Aden + Anais

Comparison here is almost identical to Little Unicorn's quilts. There is a Classic Dream Blanket and a Silky Soft Dream Blanket. The classic is 100% cotton muslin and the silky soft blanket is 100% viscose from bamboo, so the differences between the two are going to be the same as the differences between Little Unicorn's blankets. Aden + Anais has been in the swaddling- and blanket-making game for a long time and they haven't lost any of their skills along the way!


 Saranoni has just stepped into the muslin quilt game! We have loved them for years starting with their insanely soft and cuddly receiving blankets, and then their swaddles and home throws. But now we are excited that they have brought us another amazing product to love! These quilts are (in my opinion) the best of both worlds if you cannot decide between a 100% cotton quilt or 100% bamboo quilt. Why? Because these quilts are made with both!

These Saranoni 4-Layer Quilts are made with 70% rayon from bamboo, and 30% cotton. I absolutely LOVE that option! I have loved muslin quilts for years, but was always torn between what I felt would hold up longest with my crazy busy little girl, or which one was the most buttery soft blanket I could find.

Do you feel like you are much more muslin quilt educated now?! haha They aren't very complicated, but differences are differences. If you're in Utah and want to come give them a feel test for yourself, then come say hi at the store! If you aren't in Utah, but want someone to give you their best description of these different blankets, call the store and a Cubby Mom can give you the best description over the phone! What do you think? Are you an all cotton, all bamboo, or mixed blanket lover?

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