The NEW UPPAbaby KNOX and ALTA Car Seats

The NEW UPPAbaby KNOX and ALTA Car Seats

For a long time, the MESA car seat was the only UPPAbaby car seat choice. But as of this year, there are two new contenders in town, and both are great, affordable options!  The KNOX convertible car seat and the ALTA booster seat are nothing short of what we expected from UPPAbaby, and it’s time we talk about what we love about them!


The KNOX car seat is a convertible car seat, available in 4 color options you’ll have a hard time picking from. It is suitable for a child approximately 0–6 years old and up to 49” in height. It converts from rear-facing mode (appropriate for children 14-40lbs) to forward-facing mode (appropriate for children 25-65lbs and over 2 years of age). To date, there is not an infant insert available, but UPPAbaby plans to release one at a future date. 

This car seat is loaded with some of the very best features and technologies. The KNOX has a no-rethread harness, with 8 positions that can be adjusted with a single hand. Additionally, it has 4 recline positions that are easy to adjust and read. Installation can be the trickiest, but the most critical part, of a car seat. UPPAbaby has done its best to make this step simple, with its seatbelt-routing mechanism. Additionally, their SMARTSecure Installation is a slick feature that is surely loved by all our car seat techs.  This feature is a red and green visual that indicates if the car seat has been installed correctly in your car. 

UPPABaby KNOX Carseat
UPPABaby KNOX Convertible Car seat

As always, UPPAbaby makes collision safety a priority. The Side Impact Pods (SIP) are located on the outer shell of the car seat and are always engaged to help absorb and deflect crash force in the case of a side impact.  The KNOX also boasts a unique Multidirectional Tether, that routes from the back of the car seat (when in rear-facing position) to the built-in anchor mechanism on the back of your seat.  This tether reduces rotation and stress on the child’s neck and head, and also reduces the risk of injury by 45%.

Our favorite safety feature though might be the new Koroyd technology built into its base.  Koroyd was developed from aerospace safety research and was then adapted for action sports.  Now it’s been built into this car seat’s base. This technology uses welded tubes that crumple on impact in a controlled manner, reducing the recoil energy that transfers back to the child. If you want to learn more about Koroyd, check it out here.

And last, but not at all least, for our chemical-free loving mamas, the color option “Jordan” is made with all-natural fire-resistant wool. As such, UPPAbaby has not incorporated any additional Fire-Retardant chemicals into this fabric, making it a safe, yet chemical-free, option.

UPPABaby KNOX in Jordan
KNOX Car Seat in color "Jordan"


The ALTA high-back booster seat is UPPAbaby’s first booster seat on the market, and it’s available in four sleek color options. Appropriate for children approximately 5/6 years of age to 10 years, 40-100lbs and 38”-57” in height, it was made with quality to last those years. It has been designed solely as a high-back booster without the option of removing the back.  In an effort to provide continued support to your child’s head and neck from potential side-impact and to keep your child’s upper body supported correctly, this car seat does not convert to a backless booster seat.

Similar to the KNOX, the ALTA has been designed with Side Impact Protection (SIP). Located on the outer shell, this feature is built-in so it requires no additional action to set up. A unique feature that sets this booster seat apart from the rest is the Lap Belt Positioner. The car's seatbelt is routed through this positioner that sits between your child's legs, acting similarly to a three-point harness. In the event of a collision, this positioner will keep your child upright and help keep them from slipping through the seatbelt.

Both the Rigid Anchor Connectors and SECUREfit belt routing system features have also been added into this seat, to make it even more safe and functional.  The Rigid Anchor Connectors secure the booster to the LATCH system of your car. Ensuring that in the case of an accident, if the booster is vacant, it does not become a dangerous projectile. The SECUREfit belt routing system helps route your car's seatbelt through various positioners on the car seat. Making it easier and faster to belt your child in correctly.

These are just some of the reasons we love the KNOX and ALTA car seats by UPPAbaby, and we think you'll love them too. We’re so excited that they now have an option for whatever phase of life you and your little one are in. You can find both the KNOX convertible car seat and the ALTA booster seat, available now online or in our store.  And don’t forget--we also offer Afterpay for any purchases over $35. #parentingwin

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