The Nuna Sena Aire vs. the NEW 4moms breeze plus

The Nuna Sena Aire vs. the NEW 4moms breeze plus are looking for an elevated playard or portable crib in your life, are you?! You have come to the right place, my friends! We are doing a head-to-head comparison today on the two most user-friendly portable cribs on the market, the Nuna Sena Aire, and the 4moms breeze plus. Both are high-end portable cribs that have been meticulously designed and engineered to make your life a whole lot easier!

Both the Nuna Sena and the 4moms breeze have been around for years, but the Sena Aire and the breeze plus are the newest versions! New, of course, means new and improved features that the other models don't have, and let me tell you, the differences are worth talking about!

Sena Aire:

Nuna's Sena Aire gets that name because it is designed with complete 360 degrees of ventilation, so baby is getting fresh air from every angle all night long! Why is that such a great thing? I mean yeah, everyone loves fresh air, but is it really a noteworthy selling point? Y.E.S! Having fresh air while sleeping is one suggested step in SIDS prevention!

The mattress itself is a triple layer mesh with two layers of ventilation, designed to direct body heat and humidity away from your baby. The cover of the mattress zips off for easy cleaning, and the panels themselves can be deep cleaned if, ahem...I mean WHEN, your baby has a blowout or other messy incident on the mattress!

Included when you purchase the Sena Aire are the mattress, a bassinet insert, organic cotton sheet, and the travel bag. Some people, of course, have a few more "needs" when it comes to using a portable crib. So, Nuna made a changer insert, insect net, and a wheeled travel bag that can be purchased separately if you so desire.

Nuna Sena Aire Standing - Baby Cubby

Nuna Sena Aire Standing

The included bassinet insert is simply attached with a couple clips and buttons and uses the usual mattress. The best part about this bassinet insert is that the playard can be folded with the insert attached! This is the only playard on the market that has this feature. You can use your bassinet attachment from birth until your baby rolls over and/or sits up by themselves.

Because Nuna knows that parents don't often have two hands free, they designed the Sena Aire with a one-handed fold! We have found that you sometimes need to push the sides in a bit once the whole thing is closed. The Sena also stands when folded.

A few other important features to note; although the Aire version is lighter than the original Sena, this is heavier than the typical baseline models you often see. Not a deal breaker for me because I don't do any crazy travel, but it is something to be aware of if you plan on carting it all over the world. If you are looking for a lighter version, check out the Sena Mini Aire! All the awesomeness, just in a smaller package. *Dimensions: 30.7" H x 41.3" W x 29.5" L

NEW Breeze Plus:

4moms Breeze Plus Playard - Baby Cubby

4moms breeze plus playard Now we move to the 4moms breeze plus. This is the newest version that just came out this year! First, let's go over the tried and true features that have been on past models that you still get on this one!

First and best (in my opinion) is the one-handed push to open and pull to close. This feature on the breeze plus is completely hitch-free and truly does work as easily as you see on review videos! Once folded, it too stands by itself for easy out-of-the-way storage when you need more floor space. 

The total interior space of this playard is larger than any other on the market! So, you can use this for more time than most other playards because your babe won't be smacking or touching both top and bottom when they lay down. I personally had a baseline playard given to me and was extremely disappointed about how quickly it was useless because of the lack of space. So this size factor is something to be taken seriously! Because of the size, and the quality of the product, this playard is heavier and larger when folded than others. It is just one pound heavier than the Sena, so they are basically equal in this department.

The biggest difference between older breeze models, as well as the Sena Aire, is the bassinet and changer duo. The bassinet only takes up half of the playard, and the changer occupies the other half. An included bassinet mattress fits perfectly into the bassinet space and can be folded for storage convenience. This keeps the itty babies nice and snug while sleeping, even when they aren't in their usual space. You can use the bassinet from birth to 18 pounds, or until baby can roll and sit up on his/her own. *Dimensions: 29” H x 30” W x 43” L

There really aren't too many drastic differences between these two playards. They are both from amazing brands, have amazing features, and will satisfy all of your little ones' portable sleeping needs! I have found, in my three years of parenthood, that you get what you pay for. I would rather pay a little more for quality that will last me all of my children and beyond, so investing in a sturdy and high-end playard is so smart! You'll probably keep it and use it for your grandkids later on! ;) As always, if you have any unanswered questions about either of these, you can visit us in store, or call in to talk to a cubby mom!

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Although the Nuna Sena Aire and the 4 Moms Breeze Plus are very similar, would you recommend one of the other if someone was using this as their primary bassinet for the first 3-6 months? I know the Sena has the mid range level sleeping option when the baby outgrows the bassinet. What are your thoughts?

Kara Farmer-Primeaux

We would recommend the Sena Aire because it is deep enough so if they are just rolling over, it is still pretty safe. The Breeze Plus bassinet should not be used once the baby starts turning or sitting.

Jackie Hall

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