The Perfect Gift for Your Little Valentine!

The Perfect Gift for Your Little Valentine!

Valentine's Day is here, and whether you celebrate by dressing up and going out for a fancy dinner, or staying in your jammies and eating take-out with your husband or besties, it's such a sweet holiday to celebrate the people we love-- and that includes our babes!

I am a sucker for smaller holidays, and so I'm always getting my kids a little something to open up to make the day special and let them know how much I love them! And I mean, who doesn't need a few more Reese's hearts to have to keep in the pantry, am I right?

Since I've got a little girl in my life who loves to dress up fancy, I can't wait to spoil her with a few cute accessories, and I was so happy when I saw that we've stocked some new High Fives bows at The Baby Cubby in adorable tiny velvet knot sets.

I love how simple and dainty and adorable these knots are, and the fact that they come in a set of three means you can change it up and let your little choose the color she likes best! They also have the sweetest names, and they're actually perfect for Valentine's Day:

Chocolate Box

Tiny Velvet Knot Headband Set - Chocolate Box


Tiny Velvet Knot Headband Set - Girly

Holiday Heart

Tiny Velvet Knot Headband Set - Holiday Heart

Rosie Red

Tiny Velvet Knot Headband Set - Rosie Red

And even if you're not looking for something cute to give your babe in her valentine, then these other sets from High Fives are perfect for any other day to dress up any outfit for your little girl:


Tiny Velvet Knot Headband Set - Mermaid

Berry Blend

Tiny Velvet Knot Headband Set - Berry Blend

Winter Berry

Tiny Velvet Knot Headband Set - Winter Berry

I can't get enough of making the most out of holidays like Valentine's Day where I can spoil my babes and get all the kisses and hugs and chocolatey sweetness I want! Head to to get your littles something like these adorable High Fives bows for their valentine and have the best love day, mamas!

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