The Perfect Pack for your Kids!

The Perfect Pack for your Kids!

Running out the door in our house never actually involves running. More often than not I'm wiping yogurt off the baby's face, trying to get my shoes on, and searching for my phone all while begging my 3-year-old to drop a few of the 15 or so toys he is carrying in his arms.

Anyone else's kids insist on bringing a ton (or even just a few) things with them every time you step out the door?

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpacks - Ferguson Fox

There has to be a solution that cuts down on the number of things you have to do when you're leaving, and cuts down on the number of things in your kid's hands, while keeping everyone happy. Because getting a thrashing toddler into a car seat is pretty much my worst nightmare.

Getting your little one a bag of their own to pack whatever they want is going to make your life so much easier! And getting your hands on an adorable Skip Hop Llama Back Pack  means you'll have an adorable place for your little to carry all their own things!

The Skip Hop Zoo Packs Little Kid Backpacks are so stinking cute, and they have just enough space for your kids to fill up the space their favorite toys, books, and plushies without weighing them down too much! You have a bunch of animals to choose from, so you can be sure that your tot will have the perfect pack to match their personality. They also have super comfy straps that you can adjust to fit them perfectly!

If you have a kid who insists on carrying around a couple different drinks, as well as their half eaten apple from breakfast *shudder*, you'll be happy to hear that the Skip Hop Zoo Packs are easy to wipe down so clean-up isn't an issue!

Skip Hop Llama Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack - Llama

If you have older kids who are in school, and they're carrying around their supplies for the day, this backpack will have them covered! There's a large compartment to fit their books, folders, and papers, and a smaller insulated zipper pouch perfect for snacks, and a mesh drink pocket! And nothing is cuter than seeing your kid walking around with a little animal strapped to their back! So cute!

The Skip Hop's newest pack Luna Llama is bright and fun, with super cute tassels for the zippers, and even a furry little head and ears. If you're going to have your kids carry around their own stuff, might as well make sure it's in a cute bag, right?!

I always make sure to tell my son about 5-10 minutes before we leave the house that he needs to pack up anything he wants to bring with him (even to the store that is 5 minutes away) in the hopes that he'll have all the goods ready to go when I am ready to go!

If you're anything like me and you need to cut down on juggling everything on your way out the door, the Skip Hop Zoo Pack could be the perfect solution for on-the-go mamas with their hands full with littles who want to carry it all!

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