The Perfect Towel for Every Day (Even Beach Day)

The Perfect Towel for Every Day (Even Beach Day)

If you're like me you have 5 million towels hanging out in your closet. Some of their specific jobs: like those giant Kirkland beach towels from Costco. Others are pretty grungy from being used every day as bath towels, bath mats, and the like. But what if you could find the perfect towel? One that wouldn't clash with your decor and wouldn't take up TONS of space? That moment is now upon us: let me introduce you to Lulujo Turkish Towels!

Not only are LuluJo Towels perfect for the beach or the bath, but they also work wonderfully as a light picnic blanket! PC: @mamasociety

Lulujo Baby is a rapidly growing baby goods company based out of Eastern Canada. The Founder and CEO, Dawn Marie Pottier, was inspired to create this business while on maternity leave back in 2009, and within a few short years she became very popular throughout all of Canada! This Lulu Jo brand initially only sold a few products manufactured in Dawn’s home, but now they sell their abundance of baby gear in over twenty countries! This lovable brand, named after Dawn’s two children, has no doubt been successful and The Baby Cubby is very excited to be carrying some of their products!

If you haven’t yet heard of Lulujo Baby Turkish Towels you are missing out! These aren’t your ordinary towels but they still get the job done with their absorbent, fast drying, and 100% cotton material. These stylish towels are a great size, measuring in at 60” x 40” they'll cover every body! They are also available in five delicious colors: Lavender, Navy & Oatmeal, Ocean Blue, Passion Pink and Apricot, and Sunshine Yellow. The look and size of this multi-functional product makes it hard to decide whether to use these for the tub, the beach, a picnic, a blanket, a wrap, or all of the above! Shop our LuluJo Turkish Towels today for the perfect addition to your summer travel bag! 

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