The Schedule Shuffle: Finding Time for You

The Schedule Shuffle: Finding Time for You

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When a new baby gets thrown into the scheduling mix, or if you're already experiencing the black hole that is personal time with kids (AKA zero), it's tough to find time for yourself and the things that you used to prioritize. When it comes down to it, you would rather make sure you get babe to bed safe and sound than you would meet up with your girlfriends to watch the Bachelorette. You start to put things on the back burner, and sooner or later you realize you are actually starving for some me time. Listen up Mama-- We've all been there! When you're feeling like you're getting lost in the shuffle, remember these few tips to make time to just do you.

Set a Precedent for making time for yourself. If you start early setting aside some time will become a habit that your family will recognize. Taking time to do the things that you love isn't selfish, and it doesn't have to be a big deal. I recommend having a heart-to-heart with your man, to help him understand the time you need during the day/week to keep your sanity. If you need to take an hour to lay in your bed and read a book, let your hubby know. If your girls are going out to lunch during the week, try and find a sitter to make it. Your mental health will thank you when you make yourself a priority.

Accepting Help can take the pressure off. Taking friends and family up on their offers to come over and watch the kids is not taking advantage of them. Generally when people offer they want to help, so reach out and ask a friend to sit. Say you want to have a trip to Target where you won't have to pick up a spilled bag of popcorn. There are so many people that we can reach out to when we're feeling like we're losing ourselves. You could even find another mama and swap babes during the week. Even just a few hours during the week makes the world of a difference. And trust me on this one, you are so not the only mama looking for a break.

Make Your Time Meaningful so that you won't get too tired out. As mamas we can think of a million things to do when the kids are napping, and it's okay to get your cleaning done around the house during that time. But when you set aside time for yourself, make sure it's something that you enjoy doing. When you're doing things that make you happy, your attitude will be that much better when you're with your babes. Working with preschoolers everyday has taught me the exact same thing. If I need to take a day during the week to recharge my batteries, I call in a sub, and don't just spend the day at Costco and cleaning the bathroom, I spend it going to the pool with my son or to the movies with my husband. These things give me the energy to keep going, just like with our kids at home.

As mamas, whether you stay at home or work, we need to make our own happiness just as important as our kids and our spouse. Lets all start to be a little kinder to ourselves by making some time genuine time for ourselves. XO

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