The Softest Baby Blankets By Saranoni

The Softest Baby Blankets By Saranoni

Did you read that title everyone?! The SOFTEST is not an exaggeration. Saranoni founders and blankets deserve a round of applause and all the chocolate they could ever want. Why? Well, I am being 100% honest when I say that I have never felt a blanket as soft as a Saranoni, AND they come in mommy and daddy sizes!! So today I am here telling you that you absolutely need at least one of these blankets for your baby, and probably one for you as well. Go ahead and add it to the 'necessity' list for that baby, and on the Christmas list for you!

Saranoni Mini BlanketSaranoni : Mini Blanket

Let's get to know this company a little bit shall we? Saranoni  was started by Emily Peterson and her husband in 2006 because they believe the first blanket your child will see, hold, touch and love should also be something you love. They seek to create blankets with sizes, textures, colors and patterns that are cherished by all. From the mini blanket (15×20 inches) that covers a newborn perfectly in the car seat to the adult throw blanket (60×80 inches) that can surround a whole family with its warmth, Saranoni seeks to provide snuggle-worthy blankets for all.

You can't go wrong with Saranoni, I promise! I have a few of these blankets on my registry here at The Baby Cubby (Yes! You can create your own registry too!) for my baby due in December and can't wait to snuggle with my sweet new babe in a Saranoni! If you aren't quite sure what to get for that baby shower you were invited to, your problem has just been solved! Saranoni!

The Baby Cubby always carries both the Mini Blankets and the Receiving Blankets, and we can also do a special order for any of their bigger blankets! There are handfuls of color and texture options so be sure to check them out on our website, or at our store here in Utah!
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