The Story of Rags: Hope and Hand-Me-Downs

The Story of Rags: Hope and Hand-Me-Downs

Rachel Nilsson, entrepreneur and mother of three, is the mastermind behind the oh-so-popular children's clothing line, Rags to Raches.

Prior to creating a successful clothing company, Rachel sewed clothing for her own children. In 2014, after a rough financial patch, she realized it was going to be tough to make ends meet and began selling her unique homemade clothing online. She received a surprising amount of positive feedback via Instagram, so she began cultivating ways to turn her hobby into a business.

After appearing on ABC's Shark Tank in 2016, Rags to Raches experienced major growth. With business booming, Rachel and her friends and family were hand sewing 300-400 pieces a week and operating out of her garage.

The biggest demand was for their most popular piece of clothing, now lovingly know as "the rag": a one-piece outfit with an elastic neckline that always holds its shape and has no pesky snaps or zippers. They are not only fashionable, but super functional because of how easy they are to get off and on. It makes dressing kids very easy, and makes for one less thing parents have to think about during their chaotic day. Children can easily dress themselves, too! They are extremely comfortable, buttery soft, and perfect for busy little ones.

Retro Short Sleeve Rag Romper - Camo
Retro Short Sleeve Rag Romper - Camo

There's a style for every child and personality. Rags is constantly releasing new prints and limited edition designs, which is another reason parents are so drawn to them! Speaking of new prints...

New Rags will be hitting our racks soon, and believe me when I say they go quickly! Included in the lineup is this absolutely adorable Christmas print. Those ruffles are giving me all the heart eyes!

Long Sleeve Ruffle Rag Romper - Christmas Dove Floral
Long Sleeve Ruffle Rag Romper - Christmas Dove Floral

If solid colors are more your thing, we've got you covered. This cinnamon color is totally having a moment, and I'm here for it. Talk about a fall essential!

Rachel's story of creating a company from hope and hand-me-downs is truly inspiring. We love supporting female-founded businesses! If you're a Rags newbie, give them a shot! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

You can shop the latest from Rags to Raches in our store or online at


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