The Sweetest Party Favors!

The Sweetest Party Favors!

It isn't a baby shower without favors (or delicious food) am I right? I don't think it's a coincidence that I combined the two while I was researching baby shower favors! All three of these favors are not only insanely adorable, they are functional (and edible for the most part). These shower favors go perfectly with the CoEd Party Themes I posted previously. If you haven't checked it out yet, go read it! You won't be sorry!

Baby-Q Bottles & Stickers

Having a backyard Baby-Q shower? These BBQ bottles and stickers from Southern Sticker, can either serve as a cute little touch to your decorated tables or they can become tasty party favors! I personally do not know a single person who doesn't LOVE tangy, sweet BBQ sauce, so it is sure to be a hit! This Etsy shop, Southern Sticker, sells this kit without the BBQ sauce, which is perfect. Simply fill each bottle with your favorite sauce for your guests to enjoy! Better yet, find a handful of your favorite sweet, tangy and spicy BBQ sauces and let your guests decide which one they would like to take home!

Sweet As Can Bee Pots O' Honey

These adorable honey pots are a unique way to say thank you from the Mommy to bee! Your guests will surely be buzzing about the simplicity and elegance of this shower favor! Using local honey is also an excellent way to support your local farmers (and eating local honey has been proven to help with allergies. How awesome is that)!
The honey pots are sweet on their own in a simple mason jar (perfect for all you DIY-ers out there)! Stack the honey pots in the center of each table or use them all as a collective centerpiece for your buffet table. Either way, they will add a touch of sweetness to your joyful day!

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Baby is Brewing

It's no secret that brewing up a baby is hard work! That is why custom cozies and baby is brewing tea can favors are PERFECT! Fit to suit every guest, from the soda or beer enthusiast to the momma who loves baths and tea time, you can't go wrong with these favors. Everyone will appreciate the thought that went into these personalized gifts.

I had a fantastic time researching these sweet little favors! I hope you and your guests enjoy a few of these ideas for your upcoming shower! Happy showers!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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Those are the cuttest ideas. Love to read all your articles. Keep them coming?

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