The Top 4 Breastfeeding Positions

The Top 4 Breastfeeding Positions

While I was still pregnant I started researching the correct way to breastfeed my baby. There were so many opinions and options to choose from that I didn't know which one was right. After breastfeeding for 6 months the answer I learned is that the correct position is ALL OF THEM. There is no incorrect way to breastfeed your baby. Do is what is comfortable for you and your baby! So find what works for you and don't worry about what other people think. Here are the 4 most common breastfeeding positions.   


1. Cross-Cradle Hold

The cross-cradle hold is an easy way to breastfeed for new moms with small newborns. It gives you a lot of control and lets the babies head rest in your hand. The baby's body rests opposite of the breast they are eating from. Using a nursing pillow like the Luna Lullaby Bosom is a great way to prop the baby up and give your arms a rest.

 2. Football Hold

Although most moms aren't familiar with securing a football in the crook of our arms, we do know what the football hold looks like. Babies rest their arms and legs straight down under the mothers armpit. This is a way of breastfeeding that is suggested for mothers who have had a C-section because it keeps the baby away from the incision site.

 3. Cradle Hold

This is the most common hold once babies are a little older and have started gaining control of their necks. Baby lays in the arm of the side they are feeding on. The babies head, neck, and shoulder will lean on moms arm.

4. Side-Lying

If you choose to have your baby in your room for those first months where they are feeding every couple of hours the side-lying feed is a position you will love! You can still have your head resting as your little one eats. This position involves both mom and baby laying on their sides. 


Again finding a nursing style that works for you is key! I loved having a Boppy nursing pillow to help support my newborn while I nursed and a  Bebe Au Lait nursing cover because I felt more comfortable nursing in privacy. These can all be found at The Baby Cubby 

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