The Tub You Didn't Know You Needed

The Tub You Didn't Know You Needed

It's a fact of life, fam. You've gotta bathe your kids.

And what makes life even more interesting complicated is you have to bathe your kids when they're too tiny to do pretty much anything but stare at you, cry, and eat.

So when you have a teeny babe that isn't sitting up on his/her own yet, you're going to be investing in a tub. So let's decide if the 4moms 2017 Infant Tub is the right fit for your little one. And to help you make up your mama mind, you can watch the video of our cute Cubby Mom, Michelle, and her adorable little girls using the 4Moms Tub in their home.

4moms 2017 Infant Tub


The 4moms 2017 Infant Tub is designed to be used in the kitchen sink (and in the tub!), and have constant flowing water from your faucet to keep the tub circulating clean water. And there's a few things that make this tub super unique and a real game changer for a baby tub.

4moms wants to make sure every little one is getting really clean, so they've made this tub so that your child is really only getting exposed to clean water. It has 2 separate reservoirs: one for your baby to sit in, and one for clean water that you can use to rinse your babe. It even includes a little cup for rinsing baby off and a cup holder to keep it in the same place during the bath.

Another thing that makes this tub an all-in-one mama helper is the built-in water thermometer. You just pour the water from the sink over the sensor and it'll go blue when too cold, green when it's in the right zone (90-99 degrees), and red when it's too hot.

There are also FOUR different drains in this tub that all do different things: one to regulate the water level for your newborn babes, one to keep the water constantly draining from the tub--keeping the water clean, and the other two for draining the reservoirs when you're done bathing your little.

4moms 2017 Infant Tub


There are a few specific things that really make this tub a winner! The design makes it perfect to fit in any kitchen sink (even split sinks) without you having to wedge it in to keep your baby from slipping out. Which is great news for all the husbands who have wives begging them for a farm sink every other day (guilty).

But the 4moms is actually a really versatile tub, because you don't have to use it in the sink if you don't want to! Because of the shape, you could totally fill the tub and place it on the counter, or even place it on the bathtub floor if that's easier for you and babe. You can also decide how much water you want to use (if you live in the desert like me) to keep the water running, or to just use the clean water reservoir to rinse baby without keeping the faucet on.

I also love the temperature gauge on this tub. It saves you from having to buy one separately, and more than that, it gives you peace of mind that you're bathing your babe in the right temp during the whole bath.


Mamas, there's not a whole lot I can say about this tub that I don't like, but the price is a little steep for an infant tub. Considering they all do the same thing in the end (aka a place to clean your baby), it may be a little hard to justify spending $60 on a tub that your little one will use for around 6 months. It may only seem like a good investment if you're planning on using it for more than one babe.

This is also not the most compact of the infant tubs available on the market. Compared to other tubs, like the Puj Flyte that seriously folds up small enough to fit into any space, the 4moms Tub is a little bulky. This is something to consider if you don't have a lot of storage space to work with.

In my humble mama opinion, I think the 4moms 2017 Infant Tub is a great buy! Its reservoir and draining system keep babe clean during the whole bath, and the design makes it convenient for nearly every home to bathe baby in the kitchen sink until they're big enough for the bath tub. So if you're in the market for a new, innovative, and easy-to-use tub, I think the 4moms Tub is a great option for you!

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