Think Outside the Box with Alexis Mattox Design

Think Outside the Box with Alexis Mattox Design

Do you have a party to plan in the near future? Perhaps you have a birthday coming up or a baby shower or a wedding? Well, our party category has an ever-growing selection of party supplies that you're definitely going to want to check out. Among these fun knick-knacks are items by Alexis Mattox Design!

Okay here's the deal, you may just see some cake toppers and confetti. But it's time to think outside the box and see the endless possibilities with these party items! Let's dive in and look at some ideas, shall we?

Uses for Cake Toppers

Cakes...duh. Birthday, wedding, shower, graduation, you name it! Using a cake topper for its original purpose makes any cake look that much sweeter!

Cupcakes...well, sorta. The problem is size, BUT there are some fun solutions to this! Cupcake bouquets or cupcake towers would both look fantastic with a cake topper to finish it off!

Flowers. How fun to jazz up a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a cake topper! This is a great idea for birthdays and anniversaries!

Decorations. A cake topper would be fun in a jar of rocks at the entry table or in a bowl of chocolate chips at the dessert bar!

Photos! Whether it's a photo-booth or a photoshoot, cake toppers may add just the touch you're looking for! Imagine a cutie toddler holding one of these during a photo session! Just last month, The Baby Cubby celebrated its 5th birthday, and look what we used!

Uses for Confetti

Crafts. SO many crafts! Bedazzling just about anything is super easy when you have the right tools! Now, this particular confetti is made of tissue paper, so it won't be the sturdiest but it'll certainly get the job done! Some confetti-themed crafts include making cards, gluing to the top of a wrapped present, or just plain old art projects for little kids to participate in!

Balloons! Confetti on the inside of balloons or confetti on the outside of balloons are fun ideas to add to the party decor!

Soap. Have you ever made your own soap at a birthday party when you were younger or at girls' night? Well, adding confetti to this project makes it all the more fun! I think this idea is adorable for a kid's birthday party!

Stuffers. Adding confetti to the inside of a wrapped present or inside of the bag of party favors or even inside of the invitation envelope are fun ways to get your guests excited. Messy? Yes. Adorable? YES.

Decoration fluff. Spreading confetti out on tables or bundled around centerpieces and other decorations is a fantastic use of this stuff! And it'll add the perfect touch of color to any setting.

Poppers and tubes. This is a great idea for a gender reveal party or something snazzy like New Year's Eve. Make some confetti poppers or tubes/straws for guests to use during the party!

Uses for Candles

Blowing them out of course! Whether you have the exact amount of candles per age the birthday boy/girl is turning (I hope this is most people!) or you just have a few candles neatly placed on the cake, blowing out the candles and making a wish is a privilege that only comes around once a year! The beeswax in these candles doesn't drip onto the cake AND they can be used multiple times. These features and more make them the best birthday candles!

Color codes. Did you know there's a special way to draw a secret code, message, or picture with candle wax? Give your child a candle for the writing utensil and a white piece of paper. Once they've finished, fill a spray bottle with food-colored water and lightly spray the paper until it becomes colorful enough for the wax to stand out!

And for these Alexis Mattox Design Beeswax Birthday Candle Sets... well, there are really only 2 party options here. Otherwise, it's probably best to stick to inside the box thinking with these!

Thanks to Pinterest, fabulously talented people, and word of mouth, parties these days can be pretty darn memorable. But don't forget to give some credit to amazing brands like Alexis Mattox Design! Happy partying, friends!

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