Throwing The Perfect First Birthday Party

Throwing The Perfect First Birthday Party

So you are planning your child's first birthday, are you?! Are you stressing about every tiny detail because you have seen the first birthday party pictures on Instagram or Pinterest in the last few years? But, wait for a second here, isn't the most important thing about this big first birthday the cute little baby that seems to be getting in the way of all your party plans? Here are a few tips to help you throw the party of your dreams without losing your hair and your patience with your little birthday babe!

Plan In Advance

Nothing ever happens as quickly as you think it will, especially if you are planning a party with children around. Start planning your party a month (or more) in advance so you have plenty of time to iron out all the details. You do not want to spend the two days prior to your party running party errands all day and depriving your one-year-old of decent attention and nap times. That is just asking for party day meltdowns from both of you.

Prep Food The Day Before

I have learned that staying up super duper lat the night before your party to get all your goodies and food cooked (or at least ready for the oven) is worth every minute of sleep lost. Most all foods and goodies are perfectly good the day after they are made if you store them properly! When the option is available, see if you can have family or friends help you with your food too. If you have things that need to be picked up from the bakery or cake shop ask a friend who will be attending the party to get it for you!

Be Mindful Of Baby's Schedule and Preferences

The last thing you want at a birthday party is an overtired birthday prince or princess. If your one-year-old is a complete monster in the evenings don't plan your party then! If your babe loves breakfast food and is the sweetest happiest person in the mornings, do brunch! I feel like this is a no-brainer but it probably isn't the best idea to plan a party during their usual naptime either. What about party location? If your kiddo hates loud noises and commotion, maybe you shouldn't have the party at a busy children's play place or a bowling alley even if the adults would have fun bowling!

Remember that for the most part, less is more with little ones! They aren't going to endure a marathon party while you socialize with friends very well. Try to remember that this party is a celebration of and for your sweet little person. If it doesn't look just how you wanted it to because of that perfectly staged picture you found on social media but your little tot felt loved and was celebrated I would say it was a giant success!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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