Tips and Tricks for New Years Eve with Kids

Tips and Tricks for New Years Eve with Kids

Hi, there! So, it's New Year's Eve. That final holiday before the long stretch of winter before Valentine's Day. The kids want to participate but at the same time you don't want cranky children on New Years Day - perhaps your last day off in awhile. So, what do you do?

Board Games

Growing up my mom always told us this was a Dutch tradition (who really knows though ;) ). She would purchase a new board game for each of us and give it to us at about 4 or 5pm. Why so early? 1. It started the festivities SUPER early for us kids. 2. Quiet time anyone? For reals. Anyway, we would be SO excited about an extra present that we would scurry off and go play our 4 new board games to our hearts content. Needless to say, but the time dinner happened (which I'm sure was full of us begging to go back to playing our games) and then 8 or 9pm eventually hit, we were ready for bed!


Decorating is so fun for kids! Especially when it’s for a party!

Let the kids help you decorate your home for the party! This helps them get their creative juices flowing (which coincidentally uses up a lot of brain power) AND lets them feel involved. Double win. Some great ideas that one of our Cubby Mom's did with her kids was have them paint balloons with gold metallic paint! Super fun and super easy - probably just for the older kids though ;)  


If you're like any of the other 2.0000000.33333.00000 bajillion people in the world you probably have Netflix (because it's the greatest creation since sliced bread, amiright?!). Anyway, did you know that they are streaming an early countdown for kids this year?? How awesome is that?? All you need to do is change the clocks in your home for a couple hours ahead (assuming your kids can tell time). Then, whenever you're ready to do the countdown with them go ahead and start the streaming! They will get a kick out of being apart of the countdown - then you and your hubby or friends can party on all night long without the fear of grumpy children! Or you know, go to bed early. Because when you're a parent, that IS the equivalent of partying.

Make Family Goals

You can either all sit down together and make family and personal goals, or you can sit down with your kids individually and help them write out goals - whichever you think they will respond to best. Help them pick goals that are short, medium, and long term so that they can always be working on them. If you can teach your kids to accomplish attainable goals early you will be setting them up for success for the rest of their lives! Just be sure that you are also committed to following up with them and being their accountabilibuddy. It is also good for them to see parents making goals and accomplishing them - it gives everyone something to strive for and teaches kids important lessons about commitment and perseverance! I always love to get my goals cut out in vinyl lettering and put them on my wall in my bedroom - that way I always have to look at them and do a self check every day! New Years Eve can be a really fun time of year for the kids - they love to be involved and feel like they are doing all of the "adult" things. So make it fun! But you know, within limits :) Ciao! Michelle
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