To All The Long Lost Moms

To All The Long Lost Moms

There is a well-spoken camaraderie among moms.  A 'we’re all in this together' notion, or 'it takes a village' belief.  No mom left behind, if you will. It’s beautiful and empowering, and it bonds us moms, together.  It’s a club we relish in and enjoy when the times are easy, and rely on especially when the times are tough.  But are there “moms” out there that we are forgetting?

I like to think of all the women out there that have helped raise me. That have helped raise my children. That have donated time, money, effort, or patience for the betterment of our children. Haven't they done their motherly part?

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This is for all the non-traditional moms out there. To the women who have comforted us in times of need, cooked us meals, been a shoulder to lean on, or given us advice. They can be considered moms too.  To the women who have longed for their own children but have only been able to comfort ours.  They can be considered moms too.  To the women who hope to one day be mothers. They could be considered moms too.

Let’s not forget to consider all the "mom" in our lives this year.  Motherhood is a given title, but it can also be an earned one.  I think that there are women out there that have earned their titles, but have lacked celebration or appreciation for their motherly instincts. We are raised by many, not only the parents we are given. It’s what can make us diverse and open-minded. It's a beautiful thing.

It doesn’t need to take much. A note, a card, a flower, or even a kind word of gratitude goes a long way. Just being appreciated and noticed can make a world of difference.  So can a chocolate bar and vase of flowers though, just saying.  

We are “all in this together” and it really does “take a village”, but that can extend beyond all traditional titles. I think that it is important to look for non-traditional moms in our lives that have lacked notice and appreciation. It's okay to extend our reach and pull others into our bounds of “the mom-club.” The Baby Cubby is grateful for all our “moms” this Mother’s Day!

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