Top 10 Hospital Bag Must-Haves for You

Top 10 Hospital Bag Must-Haves for You

After waiting for months and months, the time is finally here! The crib is set up, the clothes are washed, the pictures are hung in the nursery, and the list of names are narrowed down from twenty to only about four or five. It’s the highly anticipated arrival of your new baby! 

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There are so many fun and exciting things to look forward to and so much to prepare and get ready for. One thing that often gets overlooked in the excitement of gathering the new car seat and coming home outfit for your baby is your hospital bag! Sure, the new baby needs lots of things, but you do too! After talking with lots of new moms, here are some of the top 10 items you shouldn’t go to the hospital without!


Maybe this is a bit obvious, cause the chances of you leaving even your bedroom without it are pretty slim, but don’t forget to take it with you! You’ll need it for all of your up-close pictures and of course to let your friends and family know when the happy moment arrives!


This, as well, should be an easy one, but annoyingly, they’re forgotten all too many times. With all the phone calls, pictures, and messages you’ll be sending out, you’ll definitely want to keep those phone batteries fully charged.


Listening to music can be very calming and meditative while in labor. Keeping those headphones close by, closing out some of the chaos around you might be one of your best ways to cope and relax while getting ready for delivery.


It’s always nice to have something you’re familiar with to keep you comfortable. Hospital pillows are always hard and lumpy, and their blankets seem stiff and scratchy. Bringing your own from home just might be worth it.

Pajamas/Comfy Lounge Clothes

Having your own gown or sweatpants makes you feel a little bit more like yourself. Something clean and cute always helps to make you feel better. With all the nurses and doctors coming in to check on you, having something easy to remove or displace is sure helpful.  

Nursing Bra

Another item that will help you feel a little more put together. Nursing your new baby can sometimes be a challenge, there’s a learning curve for both you and the baby. Things will be leaking and spraying and growing and quite often it’s just plain uncomfortable. The extra support and convenience a nursing bra gives is worth remembering to throw it into your hospital bag.


When all is said and done, it can be a bit messy. In most instances, the hospital provides you with a pair to wear, but if you’re anything like me, having something that fits me a bit more comfortably and isn’t as foreign-looking is sure appreciated! But be prepared to bring something you’re okay with getting ruined, like I said, things can be a little bit of a mess for the first little while. 


With as much as you’ll be up and down, having something nice and easy to slip onto your feet will be nice. Not to mention, sometimes your toes get cold, and having your own comfy socks on hand will for sure help. And let's be honest, no one wants to be going around the hospital in their bare feet, yikes!


There’s no saying how long your hospital stay will last, but usually, you’re safe to plan on at least a day or two, and after feeling slightly beat up, having some things to freshen up with feels pretty good. We suggest face wash, moisturizer, lotion, and maybe even a little makeup if you want. Don't forget a brush and hair elastics, chapstick, glasses, and your toothbrush—all things you’ll be glad you remembered to throw in your hospital bag! 


You’ll find yourself with a lot of downtime, and lots of time to enjoy those first baby snuggles and feedings. With the memories of that beautiful experience fresh on your mind, use some of that recovery time to record your thoughts. You’ll love reflecting back on it in years to come, and your little ones will love to hear the story of their birth in full detail. 

Want to see all of these items a little more up close and personal? Check out our video below!

Oh, how those first few days of becoming a mom are so special! Hopefully, these ideas can help make your delivery experience a little bit smoother—all you’ll need to worry about is loving on your fresh new baby! 


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