Top 3 Easiest Convertible Car Seats to Install

Top 3 Easiest Convertible Car Seats to Install

As parents, we all want our children to be safe. However, with car seats these days, it's sometimes difficult to really know if you've installed it correctly. At The Baby Cubby, we believe you shouldn't have to have a law degree and advanced knowledge of car seat manufacturing to be able to properly install your child's car seat. Instead, we're recommending our top three picks for easy-to-install convertible car seats, so you can feel good knowing your child is safely harnessed.

#1: Britax ClickTight Line

Britax ClickTight
Britax has long been known in the baby gear industry for their high safety ratings and ease of use. I myself own a convertible Britax seat, and have loved the results! For parents wanting something that changes as their child grows, any of the Britax convertible car seats are a smart choice. Here are the ones we're focusing on today:

So many options, right? But don't get too overwhelmed---we've got just the right amount of information to help you see which seat works for you. The main thing we want to focus on is Britax's ClickTight technology, which lets you rely on a seatbelt for securing the seat rather than the more complicated LATCH system. Latch systems are required in every car seat by law, but if you want to reduce your chances of improper installation (to less than 1%), ClickTight technology is a great solution.

The ins and outs of a latch system aren't common knowledge, but nearly every adult knows how to buckle a seatbelt. Thus, ClickTight seats let you install with ease and leave little room for human error. My picks include the Britax Boulevard and Britax Advocate, since they also offer high impact protection and SafeCell technology.

#2: Nuna RAVA 

Nuna Rava
Nuna is a Dutch company that began selling products in the United States in 2014. Their European style isn't the only reason to get in on their products, though; Nuna emphasizes making parenting easier with simple design and installation. Their car seats are no exception, and we've chosen to highlight one of their best: The Nuna RAVA convertible car seat. Here are some reasons to consider the RAVA:
  • Simple seatbelt installation
  • 10 adjustable shoulder strap heights
  • Extended leg room
  • True Tension Doors to prevent incorrect install
Much like Britax's ClickTight line, the Nuna RAVA makes use of seatbelt installation instead of LATCH, since latch systems are often tricky and do have more weight limitations than standard seat belts. I, for one, like this one because of the extra leg room. Screaming toddler still rear-facing, anyone?

#3: Chicco Nextfit Zip

Chicco Nextfit Zip

Here's an easy-to-install convertible car seat from another great brand: Chicco. Their KeyFit 30 was one of the bestselling car seats in the past five years (I bought it), and for good reason. Lightweight design but plenty of protection is something all parents of infants crave.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too with their new convertible car seat: the Chicco Nextfit Zip. Take a look!

  • Zip and wash seat pad
  • ComfortFlex harness system to keep your little one happy
  • Convertible and affordable

Out of the three brands we've highlighted today, Chicco probably always wins on affordability. That being said, each parent has to decide what matters most to them in a car seat purchase. When you compare safety ratings and ease of install, the three brands we've highlighted will always meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

Car seats shouldn't cause us such stress. The next time Nana wants to take little Jack out for a spin, or you need your friend to pick you up in a jam, you won't have to spend 15 minutes (or more) trying to explain how to install the car seat. Instead, opt for simplicity that's intertwined with safety with these three convertible car seats.

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Hey Rachel, Thanks for sharing this informative article. This post couldn’t be written any better! I’m currently using Britax ClickTight Line car seat. This one is really awesome. I strongly recommend it.

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