Top 4 Reasons to Pick the Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat!

Top 4 Reasons to Pick the Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat!

When it comes to my babies, I will literally do anything to keep them safe from harm! I’m definitely that parent who is overly anxious when we go to the playground, watching over them like a hawk. Some would refer to me as a “helicopter parent”! And although I’m getting better at giving my kiddos the freedom they need to develop independence and learn they can do hard things, there is one area in which I will never “slack off”: car safety!

In 2019, over 91,000 children younger than 12 were injured in car crashes while 608 were killed. That’s 608 too many deaths. That’s why it’s essential that we are vigilant about proper car safety. And car safety starts with investing in a car seat that has all the innovative safety features to give our kids the best chance in the event of a car accident.

If you’re familiar with all things baby, you’ve most likely heard of Nuna. But do you know why Nuna remains one of the leading brands for car seats? Not only do they provide beautifully timeless products that are built to last, but they follow the highest global safety standards. You truly can’t go wrong with Nuna! Especially with the incredible Nuna RAVA convertible car seat! Here are our top 4 reasons why the Nuna RAVA might be just what you're looking for!

1. Incomparable Safety Features

  • Fool-proof installation: Number one way to keep kids safe in the chance you get into a car accident? Proper car seat installation! The Nuna RAVA can be installed with the seat belt or latch system. For those that have installed car seats with a seat belt though, it can be a nightmare to get a tight and secure fit, which keeps your car seat from properly protecting your kids. With the Nuna RAVA, seat belt installation is so simple that most users opt for this method. Simply lift up the fabric within the seat to reveal the True Tension™ door. Thread the seat belt through, remove slack, close the tension door, and lock the seat belt to get an insanely tight fit. 
  • Steel frame: Steel is one of the strongest metals on the planet. So it’s pretty obvious that this frame won’t fail you in a car crash! The steel frame adds rigidity and structure that’s hard to beat.
  • Recline angle guides: With 5 rear facing and 5 forward facing recline options, it can be difficult to know what is the safest position. The RAVA's recline guide on the side of the seat helps you find the perfect position for your baby, eliminating the need for a bubble level!
  • Higher rear-facing capacity: The RAVA allows your child to ride rear-facing up to 50 pounds! This is so important because having your child ride rear-facing as long as possible has been shown to reduce injuries and deaths. This is because toddler’s heads are large and are more likely to get thrown forward on impact. Riding rear-facing positions your child’s body in a way that keeps their head and neck protected much better than when they’re forward facing.
  • Greenguard Gold Certified: The padding in the RAVA is free of flame-retardant chemicals and is also temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. No worrying about your child breathing in harmful chemical emissions from this seat!
  • SIP (side impact protection) pods: One of the unique features of the RAVA are the SIP pods to provide added energy absorption in the event of a side impact. This reduces impact on the child’s neck and head-two of the most vital parts of your little one’s body. In addition, the RAVA has interior foam to absorb energy to protect the rest of your child’s body.
Nuna Rava SIP

    2. Comfort Measures for Kiddos

    • Adjustable footrest: Not many convertible car seats have a leg rest! That’s normally a feature only found in strollers. But with the Nuna RAVA, you can extend the leg rest for added comfort when forward facing, and to even give them 2 inches more leg room when rear facing!
    • Ventilation panels & breathable knit fabric: Breathability is so important, especially in the summer months! Ventilation panels within the shell will help keep your baby from overheating in the car, which can be dangerous for little ones!
    • 10 reclines: Not being at a proper recline can leave kids feeling uncomfortable. Especially when they fall asleep in the car. For young babies, this can cause your babies head to flop forward if they aren’t leaned back at a proper recline. Having more recline options allows you to get the perfect and safe fit for your baby.
    • 10 harness heights: Kids vary a lot in height. Some car seats only have a few options for harness and head rest heights. With a total of 10 harness heights in the RAVA, you can truly customize the seat for your child!
    • Convenient silicone cupholders: Most car seats have hard plastic cupholders, preventing kids from getting their water bottle to fit inside. Plastic cupholders can also be bulky, making it difficult for us to fit multiple car seats into our vehicle. The unique silicone cupholders on the Nuna RAVA can be folded down against the side of the car seat when not in use, and popped back out again when you need them! Plus, they’re super easy to clean! Leading us to our 3rd reason why the Nuna RAVA is so great– the convenience for parents!
    Nuna Rava Rear Facing

      3. Convenience for Parents

      • Easy install: Not only is the easy install a major safety feature, but it makes parenthood so much smoother. The Reveal + Open True Tension door gets that snug fit FOR you. What could be more convenient?
      • No rethread harness: Simply click the button at the top of the car seat to adjust the harness and headrest in one quick motion.
      • No rethread crotch strap: A lot of convertible car seats are adding in that no rethread harness. But not very many ALSO have a no rethread crotch strap! Lift up the fabric and push the slider forward or back to get the perfect crotch strap position.
      • Better seat depth: Most people probably don’t think about this, but some car seats have a very deep seat, causing the seat to stick out a lot. With the RAVA, many users state that it gives more room for parents in the front seat compared to other seats they tried. The result: more leg room for parents! (Even all you tall parents out there!)
      • Long-term use: With one of the widest ranges of uses, the Nuna RAVA eliminates the need to shop for a new car seat every couple years.
        • Rear-facing: 5-50 pounds (with seat belt installation), up to 35 pounds with lower anchors
        • Forward-facing: 25-65 pounds (with seat belt installation), 25-40 pounds with lower anchors 
        • 49 inches height limit for both forward and rear facing methods
      • Fabric holder for buckles: These simple yet super convenient pouches allow you to slide the buckles out of the way while getting your child into the car.
      • Machine washable fabric: Need I say more? 
      Nuna Rava strap holders

        4. Clean & Timeless Design

        • Sleek design: Although safety and our child’s comfort is most important, design doesn’t need to be compromised. Nuna prides themselves in offering timeless products. And the RAVA is no exception with its sleek shape and aesthetically-pleasing design. 
        • Tons of color choices: I always love having options when it comes to colors. And the RAVA has an assortment of beautiful hues from which you can pick–from classic Granite, to unique Lagoon and Rose!
        • Air-craft certified: If you travel a lot, this seat is designed to fit nicely and safely on that aircraft!
        • Soft, bamboo fabric: The soft fabric is one of my favorite features! As mentioned before, it provides breathability AND is made without harmful chemicals. 
        Nuna Rava Forward Facing

          Although we all love the Nuna RAVA here at The Baby Cubby, we want to make sure you have ALL the facts to help you make the right car seat choice for you and your family! Keep in mind that the Nuna RAVA is not an all-in-one car seat. So although the weight limits allow you to use this seat for a very long time (up to 65 pounds with seat belt installation), it will not convert into a booster. This car seat also weighs in at 27 pounds due to the steel reinforced frame. This adds structure and safety, but if you will be traveling with it often, you may want to invest in the Nuna wheeled travel bag for easy transport! If you’re curious about the Nuna RAVA and want to test it out before you buy, be sure to come by our store where we have a display that you can test drive for yourself!

          From top to bottom, the Nuna RAVA is hard to beat. From 5 to 65 pounds, your child will be kept safe and comfortable throughout the majority of their childhood. From the ride home from the hospital, to their first day at school and beyond, the Nuna RAVA convertible car seat will be there to ensure your child is kept safe so they can experience all the adventures their life has to offer!

          From July 25-31, 2022, we are having an awesome sale on our Nuna RAVA so that you can get this incredible seat for a steal in our gorgeous Caviar and Oxford colors! 

          To shop our sale, or to browse all our Nuna baby products, come see us in store or online at!

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