Toys, Toys, Natural Toys!

Toys, Toys, Natural Toys!

We went to the carnival in our town last year with our only (at that time) daughter. She won a little stuffed animal that she dug out of a gigantic bin full of carnival toys and that gave me the heebie-jeebies!! Have you ever thought about what is in or on the toys your kids are sticking in their mouths and rubbing their faces on? No thanks to the soft toys that have been hanging out in carnival mobiles all summer!

Today we are so excited to feature two amazing companies that take the production and makeup of their toys very seriously! Oli & Carol and PlanToys are both brands we are so proud to carry because of who they are. They are big fans of the Earth, and so are we!

Oli & Carol

This brand, inspired by the looks of the 60s and 70s, creates the most adorable and eco-friendly rubber toys. How can rubber be eco-friendly you ask? I just learned the answer to that question and I am amazed! The Hevea Tree is the answer. Natural Rubber is gathered from these trees and then turned into the darling little characters and pieces that you get to bring into your homes!

Natural Rubber of the Hevea Tree

Isn't that so cool?! Other reasons we are big fans of Oli & Carol :

  • Of course the natural rubber we just talked about!
  • Handmade and finished with food-grade dyes. Nothing is synthetic!
  • Each product is biodegradable and sustainable.
  • Non-toxic. PVC, BPA, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free. No holes in any of the designs which prevents the presence of bacteria and mold!
  • Certified eco-friendly and non-toxic making them completely safe for kids to chew on.
  • Every toy you purchase helps with the scholarization of children in India. Talk about social responsibility!


PlanToys puts its focus on safe and sustainable toys that are a tool for development and growth. They want children to play and experience life without a negative impact on the Earth! They want kids to understand that they are near nature and to understand they can take care of the world all while they play!

  • Products made from all-natural rubberwood trees
  • Chemical-free kiln drying processes for durable wood
  • Their own designed sustainable PlanWood
  • Non-formaldehyde glues, organic color pigments, and water-based dyes
  • Soy inks and recycled paper products
  • Tree planting to reforest and help clean the air


Thanks to companies like these two it is so easy to be Eco-friendly! Who wouldn't want to support a company that has toys as cute as these and also makes the effort to keep our Earth beautiful?? Dare I say no-brainer?! Be sure to check out the blog to see all the posts from this week featuring our Earth-friendly brands! There are so many companies that you might have known existed, but maybe not that they are eco-friendly!

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